Prochem Legend GT engine blew | List of best cleaning accessories

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Prochem Legend GT engine blew | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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Prochem Legend GT engine blew

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  1. Got rid of my Legend GT due to oil leakage with only 1200 hrs. I’m a neat freak as well!

  2. Buenos días. Soy de Colombia y me gustaría saber si es posible en español la información. Gracias

  3. What are the warranties on these machines? How many hours should you expect to get out of a well maintained machine? Thanks Rob.

  4. Hi Rob! I got the Inferno Stack 30/47 with the Kohler very happy with it, very easy to do Maintenance 😊 by Amtex truckmounts

  5. Would be interested in what comes of this!? I have a 2003 Powermatic with a Kohler motor that I personally have put over 13,000 hours on it and it’s still running! I also have a 2015 El Diablo with less than 4000 hours that I rebuilt the Kohler motor last year and it’s acting up again! 😡😡

  6. Just my opinion. It is the heat exchanger design. If they even get a small amount of dirt on them. It makes back pressure. Needs more air flow across heat exchanger.

  7. All those little 2 cylinder engines end up getting back pressure in the crank case when they can't vent they push oil and air through the seals. So as soon as you see oil leaking have you engine checked. Example like on a car engine you have a PVC valve that vents you engine to keep pressure from building up.

  8. Why not fix the oil leak once it starts?! If its leaking so bad that oil is going everywhere its time to find out where its coming from and fix it..

  9. We have Khloler on our Masterblend El Diable , which I know that Rob uses also, it leaks some also but maybe not as bad. I wonder if it just a lemon Kholer that might be covered under a warranty.

  10. I have the same problem with my legend gt, i add oil every 3 days, it leaks like crazy and interlink can’t fix it.
    And heat is just simply not great with legent gt, I’m definitely getting a different machine.

  11. hey Rob truckmount forum dude we watch all your videos anyway just letting you know if you run that predator on there that'd be fine for short-term but if you plan on keeping that unit for a long-term I would run a vanguard or a Honda or a Kubota engine like someone mention their very good engine as well but you can't get a third of the price invested into a motor and expected to be at the same level as engines that are $2,500 $3,000 and besides that you're going to tear it down you're going to take all that time I'm just telling you from experience those predators do not hold up to the rigors of a truck mount or a power washer pump in all that water and all that strain they are not built for their quick fix it I replace my predators every other year where my Hondas last me 10 11 12 years and the new vanguard is a very good motor as well that's why all the motors out there that the people use in under high strain they are not using a predator

  12. I watched you’re video, I’m from 24/7 Janitorial in Temecula and first off for safety issues I’d say it’s not safe to have oil drenched towels near the machine since it could catch fire. Secondly for these types of units you don’t have to put one type of engine, if you can afford it I’d say the best would be Honda Kawasaki or Kubota and either of these engines would last you a lot longer and not give you many issues

  13. Wow I have the very same unit…and it leaks oil but don’t know from where. My unit only has 623 hrs on it. Disappointing to know this is happening to my unit and I’m paying good money for it.

  14. I would yank it apart check the head for warpage. sand the head back flat on a piece of glass and some 320 grit sand paper and stick it back could do both heads just for piece of mind. you cant go wrong with kohler engine. id trade 3 briggs for a kohler. you can also use black high temp rtv on the valve cover gaskets even if there oring and help solve the oil leaking issue.

  15. I would not try that predator engine it is a light-duty engine is a Honda clone but they're really not bulletproof like a Honda if you could adapt the Honda or vanguard see that system that would be the way to go either one all right sir but them colors are tough but they duly called a pump oil like a sieve I got a 91 unit same engine blues all everywhere I run heavy oil in it in any condition by

  16. If you look online there is adapter plates four different Kohler applications for the predator

  17. Have you contacted Prochem directly to see if there’s a possible defect on that specific model?, I know in the past you swear by them … great machines … I would have Prochem send you a factory engine switching to another engine might not be the best way to go ,as you know this machines are specifically designed for that engine/ motor… imo
    Good luck hope everything works out in the end …..

  18. My suggestion would be going with a Honda they have a little less horsepower but they sure are reliable.
    I've also put predators on a variety of machines and never had an issue with one. but they did do a warranty swap out for us once when we had a fan shroud do to our fault crack they didn't ask a single question they just handed us a new motor 😂 if I lived closer I would help you put it together basic fabrication skills may be needed in order to get everything lined up.

  19. Mine did the same. It just gets me that Prochem , as long as it has been around still makes the spaghetti machine.

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