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Professional Speaker Wiring Trick! | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Professional Speaker Wiring Trick!? Are you looking to see best 5×7 speakers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Professional Speaker Wiring Trick! | Latest information about hand tools.

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Professional Speaker Wiring Trick!
Professional Speaker Wiring Trick!

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Information related to the topic best 5×7 speakers.

Ever wanted to install speakers in your car but not sure how to wire them up?
In this video I show you a cool technique that professionals use for clean effective installation of speakers.

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  1. Great camera angle man check the camera see the back of your head what are you doing where you at where's the camera hello hello can you hear

  2. Useful tip. Either use a cameraman or lower the camera to show what you were doing. Couldn’t see a darn thing but just the top of your hat.

  3. So I feel if you were a true "professional" you wouldn't be installing garbage like Fosgate, there's plenty of better brands, I ditched RF 20 years ago & have never regretted it.

  4. Did you end up bypassing the in-line capacitor/bass-blocker by soldering that clip connection directly to the terminal? 🤔
    I couldn't get a clear glance/picture of it before you put the speaker into the door.

  5. Would have been nice to see the process of what you were doing just seeing the top of your hat not useful

  6. 100% respect for, let’s face it a young man doing a job properly, not just mechanically but cosmetically better than some of the armchair pro’s suggestions on here, You should be proud of yourself for taking a little more time to do it right the first time! Great tutorial video.

  7. what bs waste of time. Easier to cut the plug off, cut plugs of wires that come with speakers, solder and shrink them , and all done

  8. The video was good except the angles. You can't see anything when you're putting the connector on the new speaker. Good tip though. Thanks for sharing.

  9. this might work for a few people, but if you are just upgrading your speakers, dont fuck with your stock speakers, so when you sell the car you can keep your aftermarket

  10. cool idea if speakers are blown you are taking the terminals from… but i wouldnt bring my car to you, your solder comments are shoddy at best, and if you fuck up my stock speakers, we are gonna have problems

  11. If I wanted to to add a Center Dash channel to a stock 4-channel radio, is it OK to use the left front positive lead, and the right front negative lead with an 8 ohm L-pad to create a center dash mono channel?

  12. Dude, yours was the first video I opened and PRESTO! I'm changing out the rear deck speakers on my 1993 Nissan Gloria and was trying to figure out how to reuse the factory white Nissan speaker plugs rather than splicing wires. And how to figure "+ from -". Again, MAGIC!! Cheers mate, brilliant vid!

  13. youre fucking intro is fucking way too loud made me drop my pizza!! becuase i have headphone ONNN!!!!

  14. James you should product reviews..on the new job..please want to know how things are. Have not heard from you.✌

  15. Next he will make a video of how to run direct leads to a door speaker, lol. That just ruined any chance of resale if you ever change the speakers later on. It ruined the speaker imo.

  16. Perfessional wiring? Where to cause all i see is amature wiring trick no real basshead would do that lmao those r ment for stock ppower not 200+ watts of power

  17. Two issues: That is a long process for speakers. What happens when your customer blows the speakers? and Why not just install metra speaker harness? Plug in and done

  18. Normally all I do is cut the wires, solder them to some crimp connections to the speaker, then cover them with shrink wrap. I haven't had a problem since.

  19. Hey regardless of what the haters are saying, it’s a decent technique and from what I could see done pretty well. The only thing I would correct you on is the fact that you say head units can put out up to 20-25 watts/channel. This is incorrect. No single din size head unit can put out more
    Than the input voltage. This is because they all lack a component called a DC to DC converter, which basically steps up the internal working voltage. This can be verified using Ohm’s law. And again, your basic DIN head is not nearly big enough to contain these components. So in the future I would recommend keeping this proven theory in mind when referring to RMS power. Other than that great job.

  20. And when the big blob of molten solder drips down on the cone that you were soldering directly above?

  21. Can you show more on highs and mids I have a trike I’m trying to do a system on and need some tips

  22. You know what I did on my brand new car! I cut every wire plugs on each door and also cut of every stock wire on autoradio. I drilled the trunk under back wondwow the ampli

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