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Proper wire joint 3 way | Newly updated handsets

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Proper wire joint 3 way | Newly updated handsets.

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Proper wire joint 3 way
Proper wire joint 3 way

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How to properly join electric wires i show you 3 type of joints

1, Electric wire joint
2, Wire T joint
3, Married joint

The best way to connect two wires
Wires connecting method,
How To Connect Electrical Wires Together, Electrical Wire straight joint method, Electrical Wire Splices and Joints, proper joint of electric wire

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  1. Thank you so much for this. Now I know I can fix a recurring problem I’m having once and for all!

  2. I can just imagine someone flawlessly wiring up a server meticulously winding all these wires together in a beautiful Union. Then after switching it on, basking in the light of the fireworks and stunning spark display!

  3. The last splice is called an Ariel Splice, but he's still done it incorrectly. Its used on HV lines to join to cables together that will be under a great deal of physical strain. You sometimes see a variation of this splice on the Strainer Cables coming off power poles onto a re-stainer pole via the insulating clevis (egg) in Galvanised cable. However its very old school but it can and was/is still used on the conducting cables to this day depending on location.

  4. Could I use this sort of joint to connect to my neighbours electricity supply and steal their electric?

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