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Pump CALCULATIONS, Flow rate, RPM, Pressure, Power, Diameter | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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Pump CALCULATIONS, Flow rate, RPM, Pressure, Power, Diameter
Pump CALCULATIONS, Flow rate, RPM, Pressure, Power, Diameter

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In this video we learn how to calculate the pump performance curve vales for Volume flow rate, RPM, Head pressure, pump power, impeller diameter for centrifugal pump. This can be applied to pumps within HVAC industry such as chilled water pumps.


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1200 psi water pump

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  1. There a guy on YouTube who just sprays water into a bucket for one minute and somehow says heโ€™s able to calculate a pumps performance?

  2. Pressure is proportional to 1/(flowrate)^2. Flow rate is proportional to diameter. But Pressure cannot be *inversely* proportional to diameter^2. Where am I wrong?

  3. These are simply the infinity laws you are talking about.
    Which you should have been identified at the beginning of this discussion.

  4. I have question : how to count this?
    Rpm pump 1200
    Efficiency of Pump is 0.79 %,
    Power of pump is 87 kw
    the voltage is used 240 voltage or single phase.
    Height of pumping is 20 meter, pump works 2 hrs to fill the tank..
    1. How many liters of water can pump fill in the tank during two hrs ?
    2. How much electricity bill need to pay if charged 50 cent an hr during in 30 days.?

  5. At 6:46 on the right side it says "gpm" divided by "rpm". Also im a bit confused if that equation is correct because 1) the pressure increases with flow and 2) at zero flow you would have zero pressure.

  6. (V1/V2) proportional to (N1/N2)^1
    (Hp1/Hp2) proportional to (N1/N2)^2
    (P1/P2) proportional to (N1/N2)^3

    ery ard roblems as easy as , , !


  8. My nameplate only lists my Motor RPM. Is the RPM and the power that you're referring to in your video that of the motor RPM? Or is it for the Pump RPM? And if those two values are different, how do I calculate pump RPM from motor RPM?

  9. What is the relation between Head Pressure and RPM? Why do I need to square the RPM in the calculation to determine the Head Pressure from the increase/decrease of the RPM?

  10. Thank you for informative video. I have a question! If I have pump with flow rate= 3.5 gallon per minute and nominal pressure = 40 psi. What is the benefit of nominal pressure or what is the relationship between the nominal pressure and flow rate?

  11. The easiest way to remember these formulas is just old_flow/new_flow = rpm_old/rpm_new and just solve for what you want using Algebra.

  12. If 1 pump is 3 bar and I run s second water pump also 3 bar what is the pressure is it 3 or 6

  13. May I ask, is the liquid flow same as (or at least close to) the flow rate at the pump nameplate? Eg. the design nominal head is 30m, and nominal flow rate at 45m3/h, let say in the actual system the head loss is only 20m and the pump is oversized, will the flow rate higher than this design flow rate of 45m3/h or still around this value? We don't change the AC frequency and other stuff.

  14. I'm trying to figure out the discharge pressure of a pump and kinda frying my brain doing so. lol I have an engine putting out 2.5h.p.@ 3600rpm coupled to a pump that is capable of 161 feet lift and it can pump a maximum of 100 gallons a minute. What discharge pressure is it capable of?

  15. Nice explanation going to test those formulas out but in general there is alot of factors but this would be for an ideal impeller pump and should give a decent approximation.

  16. Calculating output pressure in bar having only the pipe diameter (0,04m), fluid type (water in my case), height (1m) and flow rate (0,42 l/s)?
    Tried doing that using Bernoullis principle, but i cannot obtain the pressure to get anywhere. Would anyone mind helping me?

  17. if i dont know the whole flow rate of the pump (im making diy dc powered pump) how to find the flow rate?

  18. Sir , i liked much your video and I'm so I wish you have also calculation about a sprinkler for a common commercial building for a fire fighting system

  19. i guess that there is something missing here.
    As ratios are equal first question is why are they equal..?
    and second u should put some original formulas there too like Power/RPM cube is equal to what?

  20. I'm designing and building a small centrifugal pump for a cooling system for my computer. i've searched all over the internet for something to calculate the displacement of an impeller with a certain diameter and number of blades. can you suggest anything?

  21. my bore depth is 150 ft. please guide me as per depth pump spec. delivery 2 inch dia.

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