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Put Up Shelves or TV On Brick Wall, Cement Wall – GardenFork | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Put Up Shelves or TV On Brick Wall, Cement Wall – GardenFork? Are you looking to see how to drill into brick? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Put Up Shelves or TV On Brick Wall, Cement Wall – GardenFork | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Put Up Shelves or TV On Brick Wall, Cement Wall - GardenFork
Put Up Shelves or TV On Brick Wall, Cement Wall – GardenFork

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Put up shelves or a TV on a brick or cement wall. Learn how to drill into brick or cement to hang shelves, a picture, or a TV safely. Our Drill into brick follow up video:

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  1. great stuff, thanks, do I have to have an experience or training for doing this? don't wanna break all the building :)

  2. I have to drill the outside bib (spigot) into the outer brick wall. Our builder sub-contracted a plumbing water service guy who did NOT drill the retaining screws into brick. The plumber did drill holes through mortar and brick to place 3 spigots/bibs on the exterior brick walls but used tiny screws with green plastic plugs to hold the bibs in place. Not a good idea. The spigots pull away from the brick wall (with PEX piping attached ) every time the outdoor hose lines receive a slight tug. I purchased 3 bib buddy plates in attempt to re-attach the spigots to the exterior wall. Wish me luck. Enjoy your videos.

  3. 2:02 "Have a friend of yours help you hold the shelf". Crap, I need a friend first… Any suggestions where to buy one?

  4. I was almost afraid to put up a shelf on my chimney but you made this look so easy, and it is. Thank you for that.

  5. When drilling on an outside wall, is water leaking into the brick over time something to take into account?

  6. i use a hammer drill 1500w with no ear protection no problem but some people may have sensitive hearing i guess those eye goggles are old fashioned get some bolle glasses

  7. Thank you. I'm mounting a tv on the fireplace brick wall. The bracket kit came with 4 large screws and plastic inserts. I'm suppose to use a 3/8" masonary bit. The way the bracket lines up it's two bolt holes in the brick and two in the mortar. IDK about drilling 3/8" holes and using the plastic inserts. Is there a better way?

  8. Would this work on a cement wall . I wa t to hang a clothing rack. Beautiful dogs as well. Are they twins?

  9. Thank you for the video. I’d like to put some screws I. The front of my house to use cable to secure Holiday decorations on my roof. It’s brick and didn’t have a clue what I needed to do. I have 3 hammer drill Makita, Milwaukee and Rigid. They are battery operated. I’m thinking I’d get more power from the traditional plug ones.

    What anchors should I be using?

    You are very good with instructions.

  10. idiot question i know but is it best to "drive" the screws with something other than the hammer/sds drill? like it seemed as though you used something other to drive them.. I'm new to this, can sds drills in general, "drive" screws? lol and thanks4 your patience. kris. GB

  11. Don't do what he did and drill a hole at the very edge of the brick as the anchor might crack the brick once you start screwing in and then you will have a problem

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