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QSC KS112 Powered 12" Subwoofer Review | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject QSC KS112 Powered 12" Subwoofer Review? Are you looking to see 10 inch subwoofer reviews? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

QSC KS112 Powered 12" Subwoofer Review | Newly updated handsets.

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QSC KS112 Powered 12" Subwoofer Review
QSC KS112 Powered 12" Subwoofer Review

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The QSC KS112 provides top-shelf low-end enhancement for your KS Series powered speaker system. This 2,000-watt active subwoofer features a 6th order bandpass design, which provides incredible low-frequency response. QSC’s revolutionary Intrinsic Correction tuning actively optimizes time, frequency, and amplitude to achieve the best sound possible. Setup is a breeze, thanks to a variable crossover with savable/recallable scenes for common applications. The versatile KS112 features M20-threaded sockets that allow deployment in either vertical or horizontal positions, and comes complete with low-noise, heavy-duty casters and a rugged painted wood enclosure. ..

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  1. I have a ks112 and just filmed a little review that I need to edit and put out but I watched this several times before I bought this sub. I honestly have REALLY mixed feelings on it. There are a lot of positives about it and if you can wrap your head around the FACT that this isn't a 18" sub and doesn't punch and hit like a 18 would, then this is a great choice. I think us DJ's always want more bass but this sub is a great compliment to my K12.2s and adds just the right amount of bass to the dance floor to help the vibe out. Plus I can lift it and put it in my car AFTER I've been spinning for 5 hours.

  2. I had the kw181, I loved it! But looking at this video now I want to own this one. Smaller and easy to carry it. I’m sure the sound is neat. Can’t go wrong with QSC. Never.

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