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Racing Team Tool Box Tour – With Specialty Tools | Best hand tools

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Racing Team Tool Box Tour – With Specialty Tools | Newly updated handsets.

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Racing Team Tool Box Tour - With Specialty Tools
Racing Team Tool Box Tour – With Specialty Tools

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Tool Box Tour!

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The Papadakis Racing team began drifting in 2004 and is the most winning team in Formula Drift history, earning the 2015 title with driver Fredric Aasbo, as well as back­to­ back championship titles with driver Tanner Foust in 2007 and 2008. The Rockstar Energy Drink / Nexen Tire Toyota Corolla Hatchback is the latest competition build from the Hawthorne, California, based team.

Team owner Stephan Papadakis is a legend of sport­ compact racing who began building his reputation in the 1990s with the first front-wheel ­drive, tube­-chassis drag car in the U.S. The team earned multiple records and championships in the discipline, turning in elapsed times and trap speeds previously thought unattainable in front­-drive drag cars. Papadakis’ successes in front­-wheel drive were matched by his efforts in rear­-wheel drive when he campaigned a Honda Civic that became just the fifth car to join the NHRA’s Sport Compact 200 MPH club. ..

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  1. magnetic trays are a godsend for keeping all the fittings and bits together. no more losing that one special clamp because you sat it on the wiper cowl and driven off.

  2. เป็นคนที่มีระเบียบมาก อู่สะอาดสะอ้านดีมาก น่าเอาเป็นตัวอย่าง ครับ

  3. Hey man hopefully you’ll see this. What’s the name of the magnets y’all use for the comb wrenches? Thanks 🙏

  4. Met a buddy at a car meet , he opened his hood & i look down & saw a crescent wrench balancing on his frame.

  5. Nice toolbox, so i am happy for optronics and micromechanics all tools putting in a lunchbox (But the Multimeter is seperat sorted ^^)

  6. Where'd you get the magnetic tool holders on the lid for the wrenches? Some googling around and nothing super obvious is popping up.

  7. Finally!! A video that goes straight to the point. And I love the tool box “show n tell” presentation. Awesome!! Thank you!

  8. I would love to know the specific tools, primarily the torque wrench he personally uses when he builds his motors

  9. Can anyone tell me where I can get magnetic panels like on the underside of the lid in this video? The magnetic bars I find in the stores are only magnetic on one side and would require bolting them to the lid. Thanks!

  10. Whats the model number of that matco box? I really like how it only has 1 shallow top tray and then leaves the remaining 5 evenly spaced regulars. All of the new carts listed on Matcos site have 2 of those shallow trays and only 4 evenly spaced compartments underneath. Having multiple shallow trays on a toolcart is redundant and costs you a whole larger drawer to put more useful things in.

  11. The fact that I got so excited to see the interals of a toolbox really shows how much of a mechanic I am

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