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Raimondi Easy Grout Cleaning System Tile Tool Tuesday EP. 64 | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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Raimondi Easy Grout Cleaning System Tile Tool Tuesday EP. 64

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  1. You could also show how You empty that water without remained grout, and if everything stays in that plastic bag or not. Thanks

  2. Rough scrub in circular motion and then final wash in 45 not in same direction of the joints is the best way to use and after rinsing the sponge on the rollers, place the sponge standing tall so the extra water can fall back into the tub

  3. We've been using these in UK for over 25 years ,your supposed to gently move in a circular motion and then when you get a sizable area done ,,wipe in a diagonal direction to the grout line . Raymond is not very popular in UK .
    SIGMA is better quality

  4. I have worked in the thousands of tile flooring square fottage….after agreeing with you 99% of the time….this one I don't….just saying 😁

  5. I've got one of these and it's great for wide open areas. Still gotta keep a regular bucket of water and sponge handy for detail work.

  6. It’s cool but same time additional piece of plastic in our environment
    Think it’s about above art however I might be wrong if someone is doing this through years

  7. I don't think this grout cleaner device will clean grout from stone like tiles that have contours..

  8. I love this.Definitely will give it a try. Thanks, as always Quality video, very informative. “FLIP”

  9. Ok, I found the only video of a sponge machine I own. It is called Squeez-EEZ from a company called Wil Gil. I do not believe it is in existence anymore. Mine still works and I use it mainly for backsplashes now. It cleans and wrings out your sponges. In the video, the user says two sponges, but if your fast enough, it will handle three at a time. Works for two people cleaning at the same time with the machine in between. The only video I can find of it on You Tube is under "Electric grout sponge cleaner" by "Construction Complete"
    This machine will allow you to use one five gallon bucket for something like 1000 feet of tile before having to change the water. It's absolutely unreal. Let me know if anyone else has used this machine. I met the inventor over twenty years ago and bought it at a trade show.

  10. Great video as usual. In the uk, this tool is £250 – that seems pretty steep for a few plastic bits. I'd need to see how sturdy and durable this tool is before I'd commit.

  11. i've used that grout bucket for years it's good enough the only problem i find with it is the fact that the bucket isn't very tall and the amount of water you need to put in it to get it high enough above the holed tray means that the water is very close to overflowing, if you push the bucket along too hard while grouting or while carrying it about not holding it perfectly level, then spilling dirty grout water over clean carpet taking the bucket out to wash out, i never found the plastic bags handl to use and hard to find online to buy new replacements

  12. I've been using mine for over a year and it's by far the best out of several brands. Landberg, your using the sponge too much like old school techniques. If your grout isn't dried on, diagonal one swipe technique is how this sponge was designed. The key is to have a constant downward pressure with some force and keep the sponge level with the tile when pulling back to you. Your circular motions are only needed when your grout is too dry.
    There are two types of sponges. Solid and striated. Both work well. I prefer the solid. For all you guys waiting to jump on this product. It takes a little getting used to and new sponges work better if you prime them wet while grouting. Once you get used to it it you will love it. Less hand cramping, no wet hands, and water lasts longer for less changes.

  13. I’ve seen this at my local supply store and I’m not so sold on it. I normally use the HD deep buckets and the grout tends to settle to the bottom of the bucket anyway so this smaller shallow trough would require more emptying. I generally have two buckets going. I think it’s not a bad idea; I just don’t see the value other than being able to properly dispose of grout (once draining the water). I still love your vids!

  14. Ive honestly been thinking about trying this product because i hate having to clean 3 buckets of water lol

  15. A Grout Tutorial will be great!!theres different Grouts out there its always good to have pointers on do's and Dont's

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