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Real vs. Fake North Face jacket. How to spot counterfeit North Face | Best hand tools

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Real vs. Fake North Face jacket. How to spot counterfeit North Face | Best garden tools for you.

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Real vs. Fake North Face jacket. How to spot counterfeit North Face

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How to spot and avoid fake North Face jackets.

Tags and Labels
Moving on to actual product details to look out for, the first one we will be looking at is the tags that a genuine The North Face jacket comes with.

There should be at least two tags present, one of which is a red tag on which are displayed the style, barcode, code, place of manufacture and price of the product.

While this tag will almost always be present on a fake product, the devil is always in the details. Labeling inconsistencies, such as the wrong product model or wrong sizing information are the two most common things that give away replicas.

The price should also match or at least be comparable to a genuine The North Face jacket and also correctly displayed on the tag.

Quality Of The Fabric
As we mentioned before, a jacket made by The North Face will be of high quality materials and construction.

No loose threads, uneven stitching or serious design inconsistencies with a genuine picture of the jacket should be present.

The fabrics should be smooth and the comfort when worn is a dead giveaway. The North Face jackets are made for high performance, the fabric should not be stiff, nor should the jacket feel heavy and uncomfortable to move around in.

The North Face Logo
Another detail that will almost surely help you to tell apart a replica from a genuine The North Face jacket is the mountain embroidery, which is the brand’s logo.

Uneven stitching or spacing, or any other issue, such as loose threading, are a sign that the product is cheaply made.

When it comes to the printed logo, even on the small label that comes attached to the jacket, usually there will be spelling errors, uneven lettering and spacing, which are another indication that should raise red flags.

Zippers and Other Smaller Details
It is no wonder that a counterfeit product, which is cheaply made, will also come with cheap and low quality zippers, buttons, pulls and studs.

A zipper that is not smooth, which comes with a plastic pull instead of a paracord one, or which is made of any other material other than metal is a sign that the product is fake.

Oxidized and darkened studs, buttons, zipper or broken pulls and any other small thing that should not be present are other signs to look for as they are a clear indication that the product you have on your hands is a fake one.

The presence of an off-putting smell is another common finding with counterfeit jackets that you might encounter.

The video below shows the firsthand experience of a buyer with a fake The North Face jacket.

Check The North Face mountain logo
The brand logo is a great feature to check the authenticity of the jacket. Generally, the worst counterfeiters will get this part wrong by bad stitching, uneven spacing, and even misspellings.

A genuine The North Face jacket should display a cleanly made stitch or print of the brand. Check for loose threads on the embroidery, as this is a typical sign of cheap production.

3. Check the tags
Authentic The North Face jackets have a red tag that displays the product code, product style, barcode, price and place of manufacture. The style printed on the tag should match the actual style of the jacket.

4. Check the quality of the fabric
The North Face uses high-quality fabric for jacket construction, and counterfeiters always use cheaper materials to save on production costs. In styles that have the Gore-Tex technology, the fabric is durable and waterproof but lightweight.

5. Check other small details
Pay attention to other small details including the hardware of the jacket. Authentic jackets pay importance to even the smallest details. However, replicas will easily overlook this part and settle for cheaper materials.

Zippers should go up and down smoothly, even when they are brand new. In many styles that have the pull zipper, The North Face uses paracord and not a generic plastic pull. ..

we hope that this information brings you lots of value.

Thank you very much

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  1. In my country there are many stores where I can go and order quality down jackets as per my requirements and my budgets. We don't need to rely on company for jackets . Its much cheaper and we can determine the quality and quantity of down and other aspects of the jackets.

  2. For me if the jacket doesn't warms me up then only it is fake but if it warms me then its genuine. Whats left in logo, its perfectly company's policy to have monopoly in the market. We costumer should not compare the quality of logo we should compare the quality of product and definitely the price. If the quality of the product is good and price is comparably low then I prefer the less price one .

  3. I just brought a north face and the front logo is navy/black is this real? I don’t think it has any numbers on the sleeve

  4. My jacket is somewhere between these extremes. My logos 'look' to be not painted, but rather pressed on rubber. I do have a sewn in holographic logo, but really, how damn hard is that to fake? I do have YKK zippers, but that I'm actually having an issue with thosenis what got me looking. YKK is the best and rarely have problems. I can imagine even those could be faked.

  5. I just bought used but good condition jacket, it has all the correct tags. But how do I look up what kind of jacket it is? It’s Season # F09 Style # AHJE NFPO # 4500761725 Garment code is DH 208565. I typed these things on google, nothing pops up correctly. It’s a gray light puffer jacket. Haven’t seen any pictures of it exactly yet.

  6. Nearly all zippers have ykk on them, that's nothing to do with north face, YKK is the name of the company who makes the zippers. Go through your entire wardrobe and i guarantee the majority of items with zips will have ykk stamped on them.

  7. I prefer to go in to a authentic shop and purchasing that way I know it’s real .. so many fakes out there these days

  8. What can I do if I just recieved a Fake Northface from a reputable company.Just recieved through mail.

  9. dude i bought nuptse northface on ebay and it almost 1 year since i bought it and nothing change, i payed only 50 euro and we compare it to original one and we don't see the difference. i save a lot of money

  10. But, after I watched your video I realised some of the logos don’t have the circle ⭕️ R = Register either. So, it’s down to the colour manner now. Please advise.

  11. May I please ask, I just watched a video has two different logo. The first one is black logo with white background which I checked online it’s the old design before 2010; another logo is white written with black background but it doesn’t have the little ⭕️ R (the first one has tho), as well as doesn’t have the white line on each side like yours as well as doesn’t have the ‘made in …’. To your knowledge, which logo is real & which one is fake? Thank you.

  12. I recently bought a second hand nuptse 700 jacket from eBay and the hologram is not there. There’s a tag with the code on and a north face logo and it was made in F08. Would this be genuine?

  13. My jacket made in Indonesia, is it original ? And series is the north face Keeru dryvent, it is the difference is clearly visible from the quality of the products that the original more neat and soft know me.

  14. Just thrifted a north face g2 jacket at value for $30 CAD insanely high price at value village but worth it

  15. My north face jacket has brand name engraved like the real ones and has YKK in the zipper but it doesn’t have YKK in smaller zippers of pocket and even the adjuster has no logo so is that fake or real?

  16. Can’t be fake if you order in the official website 😇 rule #1 only order stuff that you want from the original website.

  17. Can the original jacket be manufactured in China?
    The jacket is exactly the same as in the video.

  18. I have a jacket that is dated 2009. It passed every test on your video except the interior tag with instructions is not that vivid or with as much detail or different languages There is a hologram tag and everything else including zipper detail seems spot on. Is there need to worry?

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