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Reaper – Survival takedown Bow by Espen Lee – Prototype Review | Newly updated garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Reaper – Survival takedown Bow by Espen Lee – Prototype Review? Are you looking to see survival bow? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Reaper – Survival takedown Bow by Espen Lee – Prototype Review | List of best hand tools for you.

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Reaper - Survival takedown Bow by Espen Lee - Prototype Review
Reaper – Survival takedown Bow by Espen Lee – Prototype Review

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Survival Takedown Bow by Espen Lee

The bow has some cool “FEATURES” which I integrated and included in the design.

1) Led zoom flash lamp

2) Folding Knife

3) Flint lighter

3) 13ft nylon chord

4) Compass

Great bow, well designed

Thank you all for watching

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  1. As the riser is a straight bar can it not be rotated around the vertical axis for left handed people? It would be a siple task in such a modular design,

  2. I do survivalist everyday. My take on the. Design is this bow. Other than noise reduction…… color maybe a prototype color but first change the color. 40# increase to 45 or 50#. A bit more power for distance and target size. I like the compass, paracord, connector cable/string? The light is simply awesome and more lights on the person the beter. Perhaps a slot for extra battery. Thumbs ups on prototype.

  3. IMHO, too large, too heavy, too complicated. a 40-50lb Turkish bow is tiny, weighs next to nothing (even smaller if a takedown), and has 2 parts, the bow and the string. I posted a couple of videos showing how effective they can be for Hunting or Self Defence, just needs some practice. your other option for a Survival Bow is get some rubber, few bits of paracord and make a slingbow, using the fork of a Tree. Any bow is only as good as the Arrows and Broadheads, you need them too.

  4. Cool bow. As some one who love camping and hiking that is a neat idea. Also…sweet looking range bunny.

  5. Armin, I have to say I'm not sure if I want to continue watching your videos 🙁. I recently purchased a horse bow as part of my "return to basics" moving from compounds to recurves. This purchase was based upon your rather thoughtful and thorough reviews, and brought back memories of my very first bow.
    But suddenly, I'm looking at a takedown. Great so far, but I noticed that you have two takedown reviews……….. I'm not sure I can afford to keep watching!!! 😁😁😁
    Keep up the good work. We like what you do. 👍

    P.S. The "small cables" should be the start of a snare for small game. Not positive because I can't see personally, but that is what is likely from a "survival bow" viewpoint.

  6. Servus Armin! Wieder mal cooles Video.
    Aspen, I really like your idea. I'm playing with the thought of designing a Mongol style takedown combat bow myself. Once its ready, I hope Armin finds the time to test it. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Too much Swiss army/ leather man gadgets. Less noise. Coyote tan plastics and over all color in coyote tan.

  8. Cool idea, I like the way you can fold the bow into a backpack and easily install it, not too sure about the bow quiver, maybe a makeshift sight would fit better. Looks vety sturdy like a hockey stick. Might make an awesome backup bow like the SAS bows. Thumbs up for the idea!

  9. The disassembled bow is about as small as a takedown recurve indeed. I wonder: could it be even smaller? What if the siyah could fold to the limb at the knee, and adjust the riser length to match this folded limb. If a 60" bow is divided in 5 parts, that would be 12". Allowing some overlap for the limb fitting, the package could be as short as 13-14".

    The weakness of the whole Idea is the length of arrows you need. If the arrows are full length, a shorter bow package is of limited use. If the arrows could be assembled from two halves, the small package could shine. If shafts are constructed from two halves, they will probably be stiffer in the middle. When shooting thumb release, this might even work.

    About actual use in survival: I think the other reactions point in the right direction: the only useful storage compartment would be the bottom one, as it can extend into the grip part. Might just fit a swiss army knife. It does not have to be accessible if the bow is assembled and strung. Better lock the lid in place by mounting the limb, avoiding rattle (after removing the knife from the compartment, of course). And I think you need a survival knife in addition. A knife in a holster suspended from your belt is something you have allways with you. If the bow package is the first thing you grab when in danger/hurry, make sure the bow bag has compartments for some of the survival tools.

  10. I very much respect that you honor the request to review this bow despite the fact that it probably falls out of the interest area of most of your views. Not only did you honor the request but you gave it the same thorough and honest review with excellent suggestions to improve a product that is very much for a niche market. Not my cup of sassafras tea but and interesting watch. And as always, kia mihi.

  11. Not bad pretty cool concept like you say there’s a few tweaks to be made the double shelf slim down the handle put some foam or something inside storage containers but all in all pretty cool concept take care of my friend. 👍🏼🏹🇺🇸

  12. I mean yeah the bows cool, but honestly I would listen to this guy lecture on almost anything his voice is just so easy to listen to and his quiet enthusiasm is infectious. also I would have visited my brother and his wife who've been on Malta for the last 2 years If I'd known cool people like this were on the island..

  13. For me it's a camping bow. For survival I want a KISS bow and as sturdy as possible. No compass, arrow rests, storage compartments and other gimmicks.

  14. Exotic, but why not!
    Suggest to change from blue to black or brown as blue is a warning colour for a number of animals. So if one intends to hunt in a potential survival situation, the game should not be warned by blue.

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