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Rear Strut Replacement with Basic Hand Tools | Best hand-held repair tools

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Rear Strut Replacement with Basic Hand Tools | Newly updated handsets.

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Rear Strut Replacement with Basic Hand Tools
Rear Strut Replacement with Basic Hand Tools

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Rear shock (strut) replacement with basic hand tools. This vehicle is a ’97 Nissan Maxima. Don’t forget to wear eye protection!

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  1. Wow the bots are in the trunk instead of the back seat that's much more easier than the 1998 Altima.

  2. The 4th gen Maxima's don't have the same metal cover protecting the rear shock bolts the 5th gens have?

    Because on 5th gen Maxima there is a metal cover/brace that blocks access to the bolts on each side of the rear shocks.

  3. This would be the same procedure for a 2003 nissan maxima correct? And any website you recommend for buying the parts? Thanks a lot!

  4. This maybe a dumb question, but does alignment apply to the rears as well?  I watched the front strut replacement vid and people said you'd need alignment after that fix.

  5. Awesome videos and tutorials! Thank you a ton, easy and simple to follow and a great teacher with encouragement!

  6. Where can I buy the front complete unit for Maxima 07 I have search for them and can't find them? Any idea?

  7. Would you agree that Nissan used pretty shoddy sheet metal on these cars? I mean, granted they're not young but my 03 is pretty bad and hasn't got many miles on it. Whenever I work on it rust flakes fall everywhere. I think Toyota has much better sheet metal, they hardly rust here and I live in Montreal.

  8. Well done for showing the mistake with the back side nut.  Getting fasteners off cars this age can be the hardest part of the job.

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