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Recommended Books For Your Survival Library | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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Recommended Books For Your Survival Library
Recommended Books For Your Survival Library

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There are a vast amount of survival resources available online. But what happens when the power grid goes down due to the weather, rolling blackouts, an EMP strike, or another reason? In this video, Sootch provides recommended books that you should have on hand if you’re serious about your prepping and survival. Everything from starting a fire and filtering water to preparing a home defense plan is covered.

The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse

SAS Survival Handbook

Going Home: A Novel (The Survivalist Series)

New World Series

299 Days: The Preparation

One Second After

U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Survival Manual

The Survival Group Handbook: How to Plan, Organize and Lead People For a Short or Long Term Survival Situation

Urban Emergency Survival Plan

The Prepper’s Handbook – Second Edition

Lights Out

The Ultimate Sniper

Light Infantry Tactics

The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide

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  1. Any one have any thoughts on a book, "The lost way." It's on one of the adds that pop up before you get to see the You Tube you want to see. They say they have collected the information about how the pioneers used to survive. Is it a good book to have?

  2. Avoid Glen Tates books, they are not that good. They are written at a forth grade level and is mostly about a guy who’s controlled by his wife.

    He has no general knowledge to pass down besides “buy lots of food” and “get firearm training”.

    His main character gets his bug out shelter cabin, by screwing over his Mother, selling a bunch of his Grandfather’s land for her then taking the money and buying a cabin for himself.

    Meanwhile his wife is crying all the time, acting like she’s 16, and our hero isn’t man enough to even talk to her most of the time. He’s hiding money and resources from her, lets her continue to control their overall finances well not being honest about what he’s doing. Then acts shocked when his marriage continues to fall apart.

    In the meantime God supposedly is telling him what to do, including telling him how good of an idea it is to abandon his wife and children when the SHTF. Which he does after killing some punk kids, an activity which makes him feel like a bad ass, and is only sad about it once his wife says she won’t go with him. And why would she when he doesn’t talk to her about what he’s been doing? The entire multiple book series until the “colonels” ending he avoids talking to her, because the slightest response may cause her to start crying over and over again.

    The entire series feels like the fantasy of an out of shape, middle aged office worker, who isn’t strong enough to deal with his collapsing marriage. Which if you look into who Glen Tate actually is, is exactly what the story is.

    Somehow despite being in his forties with no military training, and instead is a trained lawyer, this guy becomes not only accepted into the military but becomes an officer in charge of veterans with decades of experience.

    Just pass it. It’s a complete ripoff of your money.

  3. Any Scout Handbook are great basic and refresher references especially if you have kids. Many of the relevant Military Manuals are readily available and very good. Both groups are fairly inexpensive.

  4. Great vid. I have the Hopf series and it's very good. I had borrowed the Going Home series from the library twice. Read it completely and decided to buy the series. A. Americans series is by far the best in the genre. Very entertaining and has the military "brothers" aspect that I love. This series could easily be a movie. Forest Whitaker would make a great Thad in the movie. It's a story and other than the general prepping theme, it won't hit you over the head with "ideas". Not a how to but makes you think and entertains. This is the best of the best. Lights Out was the first book in the genre I read and got me hooked. I have my own library of paperbacks now and just read them all and start over. Keeps me motivated and entertained. Thank you for all the free info you present…much appreciated and hope more people educate themselves.

  5. Don't forget the books by nessmuk and kephart . There is also the Foxfire books not necessarily survival books but they have tons of info on primitive living.

  6. Sootch00 back a few months ago right after the great pink shirt stand off that happened in St. Louis my wife was watching the news report and said I need my own guy well there was nearly zero stock in the gun shop I knew she needed a short rifle in a pistol caliber standing in line I’m looking at the lack of inventory I had been thinking a banshee.then I saw it sitting on the rack like Ralphie Parker’s red rider BB gun, PTR Mp5 clone sure it been molested by adding a 16” barrel and fin pistol grip but it’s short enough for the wife to shoulder she gets a good grip. She was a bit afraid of the gun at first. Then once she fired the first few rounds. When I saw it I knew it was right Morgan carters girls were given MP5’s I knew it was right and would work so the going home books are Educational and that makes them a good read in a survival library.

  7. I have and carry the pocket edition of the SAS Survival Guide in my emergency bag. But as others have suggested I would recommend a compact book on gardening suitable for the area as a supplement to the wild edibles shown in the SAS Guide if space available, plus seeds that are applicable. For those new to the potential for having to use a back-pack then the Backpacking Basics book by Thomas Winnett and Melanie Fielding is a good intro to all things outdoors and camping.
    Firearms books would be of no value to me as not allowed to carry them here

  8. Going Home and One Second After are the two books that started my prepping journey. They changed my life.
    Another good series, that actually may play out here soon, is the Last LayOver (New Homefront Series) by Steven C. bird.

  9. Love Chris Weathermans series! Also having books for foraging, gardening, etc., are good to have. Storing food by canning will be what we will need to go forward in grid down so I try to share what I've done with the young people around.

  10. Two more books for the list…
    Both by Cody Lundin

    98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive – it is what it implies, a manual on maintaining core temp.
    It covers HYPOTHERMIA and HYPERTHERMIA. Its a bit dry but THOROUGHLY covers the science of freezing or baking!

    When All Hell Breaks Loose
    This is a gem! It is not based on a 50 year old military manual nor is it a zombie apocalypse scenario.
    It gives you suggestions on a "survival kit" that you can put together for a few dollars and because your picking the items you will know what they're for!

  11. A lot of good ideas. One place to look for them would be a used book store. You'd be surprised by what you can find there. Also a good book about survival gardening is "Called Grow or Die" by David the Good. Also "Beginners Emergency Survival Preparedness" by Jeff Kirkham. Also Patriot Fire Team by Paul G. Markel.

  12. Hello my friend, sincere thanks for sharing this vital information. We are certainly in challenging times. All the best to you and your family. Stay healthy. 🤗

  13. Backwoods Home's Half Shebang is under the coffee table, The Survival Medicine Handbook, autographed, is to my right, and just received The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook two days ago. Also, The Beekeeper's Handbook, Crockett's Victory Garden, to name some of two hundred books I have in my house. I could go on for a while, but not everything I read is survival, but yes, about eighty percent of it is skills based.

  14. Great video on such an important subject.
    I'm probably going to date myself here, as to how long I have been involved with this community, but the two books that got me started were:
    Surviving Doomsday
    by Bruce Clayton and
    At Home in the Woods
    by Bradford Angiers
    My library has been a special part of my skills development and growth as I am always seeking out new information.
    Is there a sequel coming, to this video? Nothing mentioned, though, about first aid, foraging or homesteading!?!?!

  15. These books would be good for a tactical library but it doesn't have information for a long term, self-sufficient survival. Books on homesteading, power production, bushcrafting, hunting, fishing, trapping, and many other topics would be much more useful to preppers. If I could have only one book in my prepper library, it would most likely be "The Encyclopedia Of Country Living" By Carla Emery

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