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Red vs Blue Loctite | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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Red vs Blue Loctite
Red vs Blue Loctite

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A small tube of Loctite is an invaluable part of any good tool kit. You’re bound to come across a bolt or nut occasionally that you want to make absolutely sure that it won’t rattle loose.

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  1. can i use the blue loctite to tighten the srew threads of the motor of the propeler for dji mini 2.??

  2. My favorite tool is a butane torch. I used loctite red on a shift knob and permanently welded it to the shifter linkage. This was a mistake. No amount of torque that I could manually supply would remove it, and more torque would likely damage the linkage. Thankfully loctite has a secret weakness. I heated up the shifter linkage near the shift knob with the torch and sure enough, was able to unscrew it. That's my story… don't make the same mistake I did.

  3. If i use loctite on my Motorcycles when the nut or bolt is always on hot surface like the nut on any Scooters drive face it connected to connecting rod and thats really hot …….. What loctite should i use ??? High strength or medium strength ???


  5. I am planning to use both Blue and Red for an application I made. Red for sub assemblies that won't be dismantled at all, and blue for the serviceable parts. Can this be used on aluminum?? How about powder coated aluminum?? Do I need to scrape of the paint first?

  6. Can the blue loctite used on plastic? Like screw to plastic, because most people says it would eat or break the plastic, making it cracked and stripped the hole..

  7. I have a toy question. Would you suggest the blue threadlocker for a plastic to metal screw connection? I don’t know if the chemicals in this lock will melt the plastic in my project. Can you help?

    Thanks for any advice.

  8. Im planning to use this on the lock nut on my bicycle crank… I got the red one because i believe thats going to need the strongest option.

  9. Your using 242 loctite which is not oil tolerant and should only be used on new or clean fastners
    Anything with oil or contamination should use 243

  10. Man. Thanks. What about temperature resistance? I’m assembling a motorbike engine and need to ensure the loctite will not be affected by high engine temps.

  11. Blue is good for almost any job. If you need red you need to make sure you won't be taking it off again. Red is a beast. I only use blue around the house.

  12. not true red is not permanent Green is the strongest but loctite is not permition from weakest to strongest purple,blue,red,green.

  13. THOSE SMALL BOTTLES OF LOCTITE ARE SUCH BULL SHIT AND CONFUSING. Why would they make a blue bottle for red and a red bottle for the blue gel or glue? I bought the dam blue bottle for medium to use in my RC car then red gel came out WTF. Also my small Gel bottle didnt say permanent on it. Why cant these stupid companies make any scenes? Now i cannot get the bolts out thank you Loctite you sucks put the blue shit in a blue bottle and the red shit in red bottle. Americans dont wanna read those small ass bottles and see whats what. Blue Blue medium Red Red for Permanent. Blue reads Medium not removable. It depends on where you like here in America not all bottles are the same. Lows sell different ones here in NJ. Great product but stupid packaging.

  14. a good practice as you're on youtube influencing people is to follow safety instructions while using the product

  15. Pls do you know which one is better for inner tie rod: Loctite 271 or 272? In one film on utube, he said 272, but on the 271 it is said for rods up to 3/4 in in D. That is a diameter on the car in utube film and on my car. On 272 it is said up to 1-1/2". I would appreciate any opinion on this matter.

  16. But the thing is: you are holding a Loctite 242 and there is a whole range of products from that brand.

  17. I read a review about the Blue Loctite liquid and how someone was using it to keep drums in tune longer then I came across this video

  18. Great video. Thanks for sharing. So if I use blue loctite, and then I eventually need to remove the screw temporarily, when I screw it back on, do I just reapply?

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