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Redwing Blacksmith Boots Unboxing | The Best Power Tools

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Redwing Blacksmith Boots Unboxing | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Redwing Blacksmith Boots Unboxing
Redwing Blacksmith Boots Unboxing

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The Boots:

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  1. Im sooo buying these boots! Then I really gotta figure out whether to invest in a 401k or Roth IRA…😐

  2. Id love to see the out takes of that vid.. please share the flippy flip.. great stuff yo haha..

  3. Duuude i love this vid. The editing is genius, cuts off right after that look and back to the review then more hacking, the look then review.

  4. Omg!! Lmao..the funniest video ever. Love the blacksmiths and your dog even more!! Make more vids w the dog!!

  5. I bought red wing Blacksmiths, loved them enough to watch review videos, watched a handful of them, and dumb luck made me stumble onto this video. Thanks fate.

  6. Do you or your subscribers know which red wing belt (or other brand) pairs best with this boot in the copper?

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