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Are you searching for the subject Refractory Mortar – High Temp Mortar – Homemade Mortar? Are you looking to see heat stop refractory mortar? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Refractory Mortar – High Temp Mortar – Homemade Mortar | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Refractory Mortar - High Temp Mortar - Homemade Mortar
Refractory Mortar – High Temp Mortar – Homemade Mortar

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Attention: The website in the video has been changed to Over the next few days, I’ll be uploading tons of new content, videos of the finished pizza oven, and some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past 3 years.

Chances are you’ll be making your own homemade mortar for your homemade pizza. This video shows you what you’ll need to make mortar that will stand up to the extremely high temperatures your homemade pizza oven will reach. ..

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your excellent video! Can this be applied to surround fireplace place?

  2. Hi!!! I’ve been trying to find your blog and seems that it doesn’t exist do you have a link to it ? I want to see how you build your oven using this mix

  3. Hi chef. Im in a bit of trouble… i have a stove for heating the house (ONLY heatsource). The plates that line the oven inside aee broken and DESPERATELY needs replacing. Can I make plate myself? With this recipe? I need plates to be vermiculite type heat resistant… 24x24cm and only 1.5cm thick. ALL HELP APPRECIATED!!! THANKS LIS

  4. Hi. Please, answer. The proportions are by weight? Or volume? I assume is weight. Please clarify. Thanks!!!

  5. I don't have fire clay, never seen it. What if I don't use fire clay?
    And I haven't exactly seen or run across any fire clay, whatever it is anywhere?

  6. Is the portland cement essential? Could you use a mix of hydraulic lime sand and calcium aluminate.

  7. Thanks for the vid. I couldn't find hydrated lime, so someone told me to put the standard lime in a bucket and fill with water without mixing. It was to sit for at least 24 hours to become hydrated lime. Now I have a lime putty and I'm not sure if the mix is still the same. Any ideas how much lime putty to use? Or would "dry hydrated lime" be much better?

  8. soaking bricks like this kills the hydrolic effect in bonding. without the dry medium "sucking" in the mortar you end up with fire bricks sitting next to hardened mortar rather than the two actually bonding. true, a higher slump mix sets up stronger but you also have to have it bond.

    I think I would make a wetter mix and just dampen the fire brick a little so there is still a hydrolic effect

  9. Your web site lists only 1 part silica sand, but the vid calls for 3 parts. Might want to make the correction. (It seems like 3 parts is the correct amount what you did in the video)

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