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Remove Damaged Headless Screws from Wood FAST | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

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Remove Damaged Headless Screws from Wood FAST | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Remove Damaged Headless Screws from Wood FAST
Remove Damaged Headless Screws from Wood FAST

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Leah demonstrates how to remove headless and damaged screws from wood using a hollow core drill bit. The drill bit allows extraction of damaged, headless screws and nail quickly. Leah also plugs the hole left from the extracted screw using a 3/8 inch wooden dowel. Once the wooden dowel is inserted and cut flush with the surface of the wood, Leah gives the repaired area a light sanding.

Hollow Core Bit

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  1. I love your videos so informative I have learned a lot for you over the year that I have been watching your videos

  2. Looking for some of those Hollow Core Bits here in the UK, but can't seem to find any, anyone got any info plz?

  3. The excitement in hearing a woman's voice behind a carpentry video is real. Representation matters. Thankyou. X

  4. Hi! I have a 3.5 15 mm screw stem stuck in wood (the head snapped off). do you recommend this for it?

  5. They're a super neat format, I've seen plug cutters used with great success , and I plan to try it next time I'm breaking down pallets , so I'm not messing about with the nail heads for the boards and have more of the head to work with, when removing them from the stringer.

  6. Leah today in my plumbing foundations class I had a challenging day trying to install mechanical joint cast iron piping. I was trying to stay positive and put in the work but I am so new with tools I was having a mini break down trying to understand how to do the setup and get my hangers in at the proper places. I kept trying to remember your voice at the end of your videos telling me that 'I can do this'. It didn't solve my difficulties today but it definitely helped me calm down a little so thank you!!!

  7. I love watching your videos. I also observed a lot of shaking in your hands. Hope your health is doing good.

  8. I've been running into this issue frequently while replacing rotted decking boards. Usually there is at least 1/8" of screw extending out of the joist. I have been just using a pair of pliers to manually unscrew them. I don't want to put larger holes in my joist for structural reasons, but using pliers gets tiresome very quickly. I was thinking about purchasing a keyless chuck bit for my impact driver and using that to grip the screw for extraction – do you think that would work?

  9. A slight modification of this technique solved the problem of removing snapped screws holding a fibreglass boat cap from hull
    Drill right through and remove plug complete with screw. Neat and easily repaired. Many thanks for this and your other tips

  10. This is only the second Vid I have been looking after I found your chanel (recomended by Tims howto make).
    And I can say aleady : I Love your chanel.
    I go now starting to view the rest :-) I am sure I´ll like many of them as I saw already in the overview.
    Greatings from Vienna

  11. Are alternative brands offering a similar bit? Shipping to Belgium is 5x the bit itself… 🤔😔

  12. Your videos are so well made.

    I was thinking that's gonna make a mess without a guide, then cut scene..

    Making a guide. Amazing.. I love how you show people how AND WHY you do it the way you do it.

    Honestly Leah, your content is great and all your videos are so informative. I'm a 35yr old builder in New Zealand and I love watching your videos.

    And you're so lovely and welcoming. 😊

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