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Ridgid 2048 | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

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Ridgid 2048 | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Ridgid 2048
Ridgid 2048

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This 48″ x 24″ chest is perfect for job sites, truck beds, garages and industrial applications. It features fully arc-welded construction and has a durable finish for long lasting protection. There is an overlapping cover design for superior weather resistance and security. ..

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husky job box

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  1. Man I wish Knackk wouldn't have discontinued this model. The new model has netting on the inside of the lid that will catch on stuff in the box and it pretty much useless for holding anything tool related.

  2. love this box.. however.. get good locks, not master locks.. i use abus 83/50 and get locksmith to put high security cores in them and key alike.

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