Rodenhouse Fasteners to attach Neopor® GPS from BASF | Top-bought cleaning accessories

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Rodenhouse Fasteners to attach Neopor® GPS from BASF | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Rodenhouse Fasteners to attach Neopor® GPS from BASF
Rodenhouse Fasteners to attach Neopor® GPS from BASF

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In this video Rodenhouse showcases our fasteners to attach Neopor® Insulation. Neopor® is a GPS or Graphite PolyStyrene from BASF and can be commonly used in many residential and commercial applications. For polymer based EIFS, we recommend our 2″ diameter PBLP2 washer. PBLP2 standing for Polymer Based Low Profile Washer. This is a 2″ diameter washer designed specifically for attaching EIFS and is designed with a center hole where the screw head recesses down into the washer, which prevents thermal-bridging of the screw head through the continuous insulation. Also the washer is designed with many key holes for proper embedding and bonding of the base coat in the EIFS wall. We recommend the use of corrosion resistant Grip-Deck® screws when using our Plasti-Grip® PBLP2 washer. For greater labor savings, we recommend the prong version of the PB washer. This simple little prong feature enables pre-spotting of the washer on the surface of the GPS which makes for real easy “on-the-wall” screw assembly. No longer do you have to sit on the job site pressing screws through washers.

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Neopor® from BASF:

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2″ Dia. Plasti-Grip® PBLP2 Washers:

2″ Dia. PlastiGrip® PBLP2 Prong Washers:

Grip-Deck® Screws:



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