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Ruger PC9 Review – The BEST 9mm carbine? | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Ruger PC9 Review – The BEST 9mm carbine?? Are you looking to see best 9mm carbine? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Ruger PC9 Review – The BEST 9mm carbine? | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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Ruger PC9 Review - The BEST 9mm carbine?
Ruger PC9 Review – The BEST 9mm carbine?

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Information related to the topic Ruger PC9 Review – The BEST 9mm carbine?.

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  1. I'm trying to decide between the PC9 and the Sub2000 Gen2. This rifle is probably a little nicer over all but that foldable option for a backpack is tempting. Also the PC9 I'm looking at has a American flag cerakote finish. Really nice but about $150 more than the Kel-Tec. Any advice would be appreciated. Great review!

  2. big warning!!!!! a bullet stuck in the barrel did not know it exploded in the middle of the barrel. the metal looks like hammer forge powder to make the barrel.xx no way in hell is it Cold hammer-forged, chrome-moly steel barrel with ultra-precise rifling xxx

  3. This is by far my favorite weapon i own….. and my go to for alot of tasks such soft recoil and actually not to loud either

  4. I'm going to get my Ruger pc9 carbine on Friday. I can't wait to go to the range . I'm going to get a drum mag for it so it looks like a PPSH.

  5. I just got this Ruger 19122 you not need a over a 1,000 dollars Rifle to get a good gun save the extra money for another gun this thing is awesome accurate very easy to clean and carry out in a small bag .

  6. Dang, here on the coast of NC, you can't shoot a firearm within 500 ft of a residence, or occupied building.

  7. Great video. I’ve been on the fence but I think I have to pull the trigger on this now. Thank you.

  8. Good video job very informative.This carbine reminds me of the WW2 carbine Auto Ordonance M1 .30 but in a 9mm modern version.I like the rapid separation of the barrel..perfect for the storage and transport.

  9. Excellent video…..I have done a bunch of testing and find that 115 gn rn fmj with 5 gn of Win 231 gives me the best groups at 50 yds. I now own the PC9 and now the new PC9 chassis version. The only mod is an after market knurled charging handle.Tons of fun.

  10. A Magpul stock similar to the Mossberg 590 would be perfect for me. The exaggerated grip of the Magpul stock gives a pistol grip like feel. Kind of like the TC Encore too.

  11. I just got one of these and it did not come with any sights attached at all. No ghost ring or anything. Time to spend more mula

  12. Perfection? Close, but there are still some lemons that get through QC with issues that require them being sent back to Ruger to remedy. Like mine.

  13. The Chassis version just came out….and it has an AR pistol grip and an adjustable Magpul stock.

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