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SAS Recon Foldable/ Take Down BOW | Newly updated garden tools

Are you searching for the subject SAS Recon Foldable/ Take Down BOW? Are you looking to see folding bow? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

SAS Recon Foldable/ Take Down BOW | List of best hand tools for you.

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SAS Recon Foldable/ Take Down BOW

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SAS has released a new foldable bow on the heels of their first bow, this one is quicker to deploy, theres pros and cons as discussed in the video.

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SAS Recon Bow


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  1. Which one would you rather use in a SHTF scenario, a bow like the one in this video or a crossbow?

  2. i see one thing i dont care for is the stick on riser, primal gear has built in shelf which will be there forever

  3. Woohoo. Now I just need to go out, learn how to hunt, get my license, and learn how to clean and butcher some animals.

  4. I have this bow in the 45 pound range and found that wrapping the handle with paracord helps to insulate it in cold weather and make it easier for handling also I have found slide on glove less finger sleeves for the string that work very well and made limb quiver from a pair of f
    Up flops and wrapped them with camo duct tape that hold 4 arrows that are still lite in weight but would like to see string silencers added to cut down string vibration.

  5. Hi Canadian Prepoer.
    Great channel, great review (as always).
    Please advise how tall are you, so I can get a frame of reference for the bows.

  6. I can’t imagine a survival bow having to use plastic stick on arrow rests. They will break or wear off in the elements. And for survival you can’t resupply them…. kind defeated the purpose.

  7. What’s a good durable arrow rest for this. Need something not plastic for survival. If it breaks that would suck.

  8. Save your money people… There are much better takedown recurves for the same price. In terms of hunting and archery in general this is VERY impractical.
    1. The rest is not at the center of the riser making it harder for beginners to shoot.
    2. Those arrows are completely impractical and useless, and they're $20 EACH?! These arrows are too stiff to practically shoot out of any bow, ESPECIALLY one with an uncentered rest. You can get arrows more tuned to your bow for a FRACTION of this price.
    3. The limbs are not secure enough to the riser, making it louder than most recurves and increases the odds of a deer dodging the arrow (jumping the string).
    4. This bow is probably the least ergonomic bow in existance. You're holding a narrow, hard plastic, unpadded riser against your hand.
    5. Lastly, you cannot add any attachments. Like sights, plunger, stabilizers, different arrow rests, bow-fishing reel, etc. Which you can do on ANY metal riser takedown bow…

  9. Hi there. I saw you have a puppy German shepherd. I know another prepper have Australian Cattle dog. Can you make a video about this 2 breeds, which one is better for SHTF, please, thanks.

  10. Quicky quiver, railmiunts, a red dot and bicycle inner tube over the grip and you have a fun way to spend the day x

  11. A Samik Sage takedown recurve or better a more customizable setup with a decent ILF riser. Much better than this in my opinion. Archery is about form and accuracy. Not machismo. Draw weight means little. I would put a Win&Win 35 lb recurve setup against this any day. ANY DAY!

  12. All I am saying is that if you have watched this video and it has sparked an interest in archery for you is that you take a good look at better options.

  13. Even the pistol takes practice. Hollywood would have you believe that they are just point and shoot things. Not true!! The short sight radius makes it difficult to shoot accurately unless all you have been doing all day is playing video games. Try it. Shoot a typical combat pistol at 25 meters. If you can shoot 5 inch groups your first time than you are a phenom.

  14. If you like archery then you are better off getting a good recurve take-down. Archery takes skill and this bow is not a good option in my opinion. Start with a good ILF riser and decent limbs. Draw weight doesn’t mean shit! Form and accuracy is where it is at. A 40 lb recurve will beat this every day! Even a 35 lb recurve would beat this. Get a good ILF riser and you are better off! If you need to defend yourself I suggest a good 9mm pistol. CZ 75 in my case. Yes. I live in The nanny state of Canada.

  15. Since the bolts are just an interference fit to keep the pins from slipping out, then in a pinch, a couple of turns of duct tape around that area would no doubt suffice. It would be quite easy to 'Rube Goldberg' a fix, so thumbs up to that design and great review, thanks again fellow CDN :)

  16. I bought this bow. I bought your bug out bag. I bought a silky saw katana with spare blade through your website “Canadian preparedness”. I just contacted “powerfilm” directly because your website can’t answer an encouraged inquiry or keep up with demand. I can’t get 5 day mountian house kits. I don’t see the ability to order a month or more worth of mountian house for any kind of a deal……
    It’s good food but it ain’t that good and there are plenty of companies offering more and better quantities of
    Real food. Your a money hungry transgender Mexican.
    I had the patience of a budist monk with your bug out bag.
    I’m not impressed. Especially when a company from California USA is quicker to contact me back than your company.

  17. Thanks for sharing this and posting the video. You're probably not looking for advice from a stranger but if you're open minded to improvement, you can get a lot more consistency and accuracy out of your shots by avoiding making huge plucking movements with your drawing hand. In the video, you tend to whip your hand back upon releasing the arrow, which will cause all sorts of issues and errors. If you can release the arrow without moving your draw hand at all, you'll find yourself getting better groupbgs. Thanks for the video. Cheers.

  18. Really Good review of this product, thanks for the good work ! As for the fact that it's made of metal, I would probably put a coat of "Plasti Dip" on the riser if needed in cold temperature.

  19. I finally got my 55# tonight. I was able to fit a Sven Saw 21” inside instead of arrows. I think I am going to buy a separate arrow Quiver. Overall I am really happy with the bow system. Pretty robust system. Thank you for the review CP. told SAS I bought it after your review. Pointers… hehe.

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