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Satisfying GREASY Bubbly ASMR tile scrubbing | Review best products

Are you searching for the subject Satisfying GREASY Bubbly ASMR tile scrubbing? Are you looking to see tile scrubbing machine? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Satisfying GREASY Bubbly ASMR tile scrubbing | top best products brands for household.

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Satisfying GREASY Bubbly ASMR tile scrubbing
Satisfying GREASY Bubbly ASMR tile scrubbing

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  1. Wow, I do this for a living and I never thought I would get enjoyment watching somebody else do it in my free time. I have issues with these quarry tiles on new builds. Very difficult to get all the grout lines consistent and not whited out. Any experience on dealing with that efflorescence in the grout lines?

  2. Did you ever think 123k people would want to watch you clean floors!!!! I think I'm hooked

  3. Excellent job bro, but be careful with the cord, it should be on your shoulder to avoid any accident.

  4. Surely if you’re going to that much effort you’d move the prep tables to have a clear floor 🤷‍♂️

  5. Why do waste the time to vacuum the water up from the kitchen floor? We used to use garden hoses to rinse down the tile and just squegee the water into the floor drains.

  6. This was the first place I saw him clean and this was the place that made me keep watching this channel, keep doing the good work clean team!😁

  7. Ii love that fact that you work your but off its not often kids your age work as hard as you do!! Your mom and dad must be very proud of you!!! Thank you!! And thank you miles!!😁😁😁

  8. Miles, your videos help me fall asleep. Love your work ethic. You’re a great example of a hard working young man!

  9. You couldn’t be more attractive. Handsome, hard worker, and that little accent ?! serious crush here !

  10. It's still dirty the tile grouting is still black. Rookie. Call the professionals like my company

  11. That was so much faster than a tile spinner. This was an example of efficiency at it’s best. Good job Miles. How does it feel to be a rockstar in our industry? I can only imagine where you will be in 20…30 years.

  12. Am I wrong to think that the gaps between the tiles should’ve been cleaned as well?

  13. For being done every Thursday the water seemed pretty clean coming out. Must be a pretty clean Kitchen.

  14. What I love most about this channel is seeing the pride, dedication and care Miles takes in doing his job. It is refreshing to see a young person doing such a thing, a young person who I am confident will be going places and doing great things with his life and a terrific example for those younger than him. Keep it up Miles, you are an inspiration!

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