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Sea Glass Lanterns | List of the Best Power Tools

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Sea Glass Lanterns | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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Sea Glass Lanterns
Sea Glass Lanterns

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Adorn your outdoor space with stunning sea glass lanterns!
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My DIY Sea Glass Video:

E6000 Plus:

Additional Supplies:
Sea Glass
Diamond Drill Bits
Rotary Tool

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  1. Why not get a vessel or vase or fish bowl like you used … place a jar inside the vessel that is the same height that leaves about an inch all round the inside … fill with sea glass …. no glue needed no pieces falling off … much easier !!!

  2. GORGEOUS! Off subject question: How do you make fabric twine? And what do you make with it? I have some old clothing and fabric scraps to get rid of but I'd rather make them into something useful!

  3. You are the best Mark!! 😊These are so pretty, made with all easily available products….and with the attention to detail you you have shown us, we can make something really different that is NOT readily available!!! 😘

  4. These are gorgeous Mark. You are so talented. The macrame hanger looks a bit daunting but you broke it down beautifully into easy steps. Thanks so much.♥️👍

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