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Secret Gun Shelf | List of best garden tools

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Secret Gun Shelf | List of best hand tools for you.

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Secret Gun Shelf
Secret Gun Shelf

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An easy to make floating shelf that has a hidden compartment.

Credit to Grant Thompson-The King of Random for design.

Material needed:
1″x12″x4′ common board
1/4″x1″ rope trim
4 1/2″x 4′ crown molding

Cut list of common board:
(1) 24″x11 1/4″
(1) 18″ 1/4″x8 3/8″
(1) 18″x 2 1/2″
(2) 6″x 2″ .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

Thank you very much

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  1. You did an excellent job on both the build (which was freaking awesome) and video editing. Really great job..

  2. Where can you find crown molding like that with the 3/4 or 1 inch angle? The stores around me only have 1/2 or less

  3. 고운 인연에 감사드립니다 날마다 만복이 가득하시기를 두손모아 간절히 기도합니다 대일합장

  4. Did you turn around the latch ya put on backwards? Lol…great work.just made a few of these

  5. Awesome I love it! So beautiful and useful. Also, I absolutely love the choice of song accompanying video 👍😁 it somehow fits.

  6. Thanks for the great instructional video, I'm going to try one this weekend, time permitting…Great Job!

  7. Great work!!!
    Im interesting to buy this … how can i contact with u, in private?

  8. Great video, I laughed at your mess up at 6:24 when you started installing the magnetic latch the opposite way. Seems you caught your mistake quickly though, again great video I enjoyed watching it.

  9. Son of a bitch! I built one months ago before I found your video. I sanded after assembly. Works great but it may have looked way better if i did the same.

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