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Selecting Kitchen Flooring with Rebecca Robeson | top best products brands

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Selecting Kitchen Flooring with Rebecca Robeson | top best products brands for household.

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Selecting Kitchen Flooring with Rebecca Robeson
Selecting Kitchen Flooring with Rebecca Robeson

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Wood, stone, tile, travertine, concrete … kitchen flooring choices are endless and overwhelming. And how do you know what it’s going to look like with the cabinet finish you just selected? San Diego-based interior designer Rebecca Robeson is ready to help you design your dream kitchen! In this episode, Rebecca helps you answer the question: what kind of flooring should I use? She’ll walk you through three kitchens featuring distinctively different flooring and explain how materials like stone, wood and tile can complement the countertops, backsplashes and cabinets you’ve already chosen. She’ll even show you how to add area rugs for warmth, color and style!

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The Design Network is your ultimate resource for home improvement ideas and interior inspiration. Entertaining series give you access to the latest home fashions and design trends and the stories that bring it all home. Design pros like Genevieve Gorder and Thom Filicia, along with personalities you love like Leah Ashley and Carson Kressley expose interior tips, tricks, and the drama behind the designs. It’s home, revealed.

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  1. I just can’t get into the wood tile. It’s very clear it’s not real wood I wish there was no grout :(

  2. Love the good decorating information your sharing to those of us that don’t have “the vision”. Your a really good teacher! Please do a segment on “color coordinating floors, cabinets and countertops”. I am building a house and need to figure out how light wood floors will go with a farm style-rustic and coastal feel. I want the home to feel “bright”, yet warm and comfy. I don’t even know where to begin, with flooring cabinets and countertops “do’s and don’ts”. If I can start there I can work towards the rest of the house. My ceiling is exposed beams. I’m not even sure what color to do the beams, but I know I want them. Also, we are an active family, not dainty. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. Thanks again for your videos!

  3. Subscribed. Love your design ideas. Your taste is impeccable. Have watched lots of videos from you. Thanks for sharing. I couldn't help but notice those kitchen chairs (gray & white). They are beautiful. Could you share where you purchased. Thx

  4. It's hard to take interior design advice from a woman wearing purple clothes and yellow plastic jewelry.

  5. This video sucks. You tell us the colors work well in the rooms but you don't tell us why. You don't tell us the names of the wood or where to purchase. What is the point of the video, it's just showing off things you've done. Does little to educate.

  6. imo Dark finishes on hardwood floors always look dusty and dirty. Be prepared to pull out the dust mop every other day to keep it looking nice or else hire a maid!

  7. Now, would it be acceptable to run that hardwood ceramic tile all through the main floor of a home? Not bedrooms but I I have dogs and I love that I wouldn't worry about nails scratching. I would use area rugs to soften.. I worry that prospective purchasers could regard it as cold/hard on feet.

  8. hi . i love the colour coordination. I tried googling those brown cabinet dividers that are connecting the top presses to the counter top. they look very classy. Would you mind telling me what they are called?
    Thanks and love the channel. Orla

  9. Do you suggest using wood look tile throughout a house. I currently have real wood, but it was damaged by water, the entire floor needs to be replaced. It is in all the rooms except the bedrooms and bathrooms.

  10. Great job in picking the perfect flooring for that kitchen! I love the idea of having tiles that look like wood as kitchen flooring!

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