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Sharpening Drill Bits – The Long Way Round | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Sharpening Drill Bits – The Long Way Round? Are you looking to see drill bits to cut glass? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Sharpening Drill Bits – The Long Way Round | The Best Power Tools.

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Sharpening Drill Bits - The Long Way Round
Sharpening Drill Bits – The Long Way Round

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Sharpening drill bits by hand — by which I mean a bench grinder.
This also got way longer than I expected. ..

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  1. how its happend this old video i see today ?. Maybe its about this old tony , anyway , you are right at all point. Not many people in bussines who can regrind the drill and even less people who can make own tools .. Like your education in the video . !

  2. I think I can make a drill bit with a lathe than can handle a weird shaped thread.. with weird shaped cutting bit, you know? Homemade drillbit, only for lasting few seconds. Sounds good to me!

  3. Hi Tony I'm new to this and was wondering which stone you recommend I should by for my
    bench grinder to sharpen HSS and which one for carbide. I'm from Australia

  4. Thanks for the video. I sharpened drill bits for years. Now that I'm semi retired I've had time to build more stuff which meant needing more sharp bits constantly. I went out and bought a drill doctor, it works well, sharpens bits in seconds. Its a excellent option for those that need really sharp bits and dull them often.

  5. Still digging up gems from your channel, more to come. Probably the next thing I'll be doing, straight after I work out how to mount my angle grinder in the vice…also need a vice

  6. Or just buy matcos HYPER-STEP DRILL BITS. Never need to sharpen a hole lot better at making small holes larger without all the normal issues doing so and last much longer.

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