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Shaving A Siberian Husky's Coat! (Veehoo Pet Clippers) | Most-Buyed Power Tools

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Shaving A Siberian Husky's Coat! (Veehoo Pet Clippers) | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Shaving A Siberian Husky's Coat! (Veehoo Pet Clippers)

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  1. Would it be okay to trim my huskies fur? My huskies hair is SUPER long but I don't want to mess up his coat?

  2. what if you worry about Wood Ticks and you had a hard time finding one due to the huge amount of fur

  3. I know not to shave Huskies (to the skin bald), but is it okay to clean up their fur with a little trim?

  4. Ok so i knew not to shave my husky…but what about a light trim for the coat, for all those pesky whisker hairs

    I see the coats on both your dogs are nice n thick, but also EVEN. Is this from a light trim you do?

  5. “There’s nothing floofier than two husky booties!”

    Really? What about three husky booties?

  6. Omg I need help.
    I didn’t know this about huskys. My dog crossed breed with the ranch near ours and her pups turned out to be husky mix. And I was having issues with thier hair. So I cut it. Now that I asked people for advice they keep bashing me for it. What can I do to protect these dogs. They look more like the mom then the dad they just have tons of fur. I didn’t know about he double layer coat 😰😰 someone please tell me how I can help them and protect thier skin

  7. "Lets chase the cat! Let's chase the cat!" lmao omg i'm dying!!! Love the video. Thanks for the laugh. I have a husky/boxer mix & he got his Husky daddy's fur!

  8. You can shave their paw hair too. The hair by their nails and pads can get pretty long so its perfectly ok to shave that

  9. I have owned a husky for 4 years now, I have gotten her shaved every year since I had her, her coat has grown back %100 fine every single time, and yes it does protect them from the sun, but I have to ask. Why would you keep them in the Sun to begin with ? taking them for a walk in the sun ? Sure, I use a water-weighted vest for her and not once has she ever gotten burned from the sun with the vest on despite very long walks. And no Shaving your husky doesn’t make them depressed. By far the stupidest, most uninformed video I’ve seen on huskies. Quite a shame 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. You don't have to shave your husky there fur warm and cool shaving can have some major health effects unless for the reason this man said

  11. Thank you for this was about to shave mine but decided to do some research to know how low i should go. Everyone told me i had to shave him because of the heat. Thank you so much.

  12. I’ve been telling my parents and friends not to shave my husky !!!!!!! I’ve been fighting with them for the longestttt. Before I got my husky I did a lot of research before getting her

  13. most of the time people say don't shave your husky it's followed up by "only do it for medical reasons.

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