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Shooting 2,000 Yards – Long Range Hunting – MOA Rifles | Newly updated garden tools

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Shooting 2,000 Yards – Long Range Hunting – MOA Rifles | Best garden tools for you.

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Shooting 2,000 Yards - Long Range Hunting - MOA Rifles
Shooting 2,000 Yards – Long Range Hunting – MOA Rifles

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Introducing the Evolution™ — The Most Affordable, True Long Range Hunting Rifle on the Market Today

Bob Beck, host of Extreme Outer Limits TV and Jason Baney of Euro Optics hit the range. Starting with sight in at 100 yards then progressing all the way out to the 2,000 yard steel. ..

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  1. What in the hell are you doing promoting hunting at 2000 yards? I am a hunter and i wouldn’t consider shooting at 1000 yards for game. That is so completely irresponsible i hope you get demonetized.

  2. Again for those of you that have no clue about ballistics they are using 67moa of elevation, that's nearly 17 1/2 feet above the target. The angle that the bullet is coming into the target is extremely acute and even if it somehow went over the ridge the bullet would not go very far before hitting dirt.

  3. how much bigger in size were the targets getting the further the yardage increased? I love long distance shooting and my favorite is shooting center blocks at 1000 to 1500 meters with my M82 AI. Even at 1500 meters it makes smoke out of them. my best shot group was 3 shots at 1000 meter with a group size of 2.97 of a inch. I was using Hornady 750 grain match ammo. 82 degrees temp with a 3 mph side wind shooting at 44 degrees of elevation.

  4. I didn't see much action from the 7Rum at 1500+ Looking at his case it look like 180 VLD's seated as long as he could fit in his mag box. Sadly that caliber has so much freebore it seems pointless. I've yet to have my 7Rum shoot consistently. Any tips would be appreciated.

  5. 30-30 all day. I shot an elk at 300+ yards with my sawed-off 30-30 and a 150g bullet. He was still alive when I found him 6 days later. A lot of people get upset when they hear this story. You may too, but let's keep things positive people…at least he didn't suffer for 7 days.

  6. Great friends that video, and great shooting session; I congratulate them both. They have a great team assembled; custom rifle for large, excellent telescopic sight NF. That cartridge are firing on that rifle? Berger Bullets seem, perhaps a .30 caliber? I really really liked your video.

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