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Shopping with Andrew Jackson! Top 5 Best Keychain Flashlights | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Shopping with Andrew Jackson! Top 5 Best Keychain Flashlights? Are you looking to see best aaa flashlight? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Shopping with Andrew Jackson! Top 5 Best Keychain Flashlights | List of best garden tools for you.

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Shopping with Andrew Jackson! Top 5 Best Keychain Flashlights
Shopping with Andrew Jackson! Top 5 Best Keychain Flashlights

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Top 5 best key chain flashlights under $20 bucks. See AAA lights from Lumintop, Jetbeam, Convoy, Astrolux, and Crelant.

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1. Convoy Tiny XP-E2:
2. Astrolux A01:
3. JETbeam JET- µ:

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  1. Matt I just went and checked my Astrolux. Its the Old-Lumens version but… same… next mode no matter how long you wait.

  2. I've had the same tiny 1xAAA aluminum "ThruNite Ti" flashlight on my keychain for over six years. I paid $15 for it, in Feb. 2014. I love it!

    It uses a twist tip for on, off & mode selection, which seems to be vastly more reliable than the cheap "clicky" tail-switch lights I've owned.

    It has only two modes, high (about 60 lm, I think) and low. As the years have gone by it's gotten progressively harder to get it into low mode, but I hardly ever used low mode anyhow, so I've not bothered to try to figure out why.

    One quirk: an Eneloop AAA wasn't quite long enough, so I have to drop a little washer down the barrel, before dropping in the battery, to get it to work.

    It would be a battery hog with alkalines, but it use it with Eneloop rechargeables, and I always have one on the charger, so when the light starts to gets weak I swap batteries.

    It appears that they don't make it anymore, but this one is similar, though it appears to be brighter and slightly bulkier:

    This $10 – $12 Sofirn C01S keychain flashlight also appears to be very similar:

  3. Please take a look at the sofirn sp10a. It coasts 15$ on aliexpress and comes with charger and a 14500 battery. Ore just use a AA.

  4. I buy the lumentop worm for the women in my family and friends they seem to really enjoy it in the purple color . Just found your channel today and subscribed

  5. I've carried the Astrolux and the Jetbeam extensively and memory or no, the Jetbeam Micro wins hands down. The Astrolux quickly became looser than I like and the finish wore dramatically in a relatively short time. I gave the Jetbeam to a friend's daughter (who is in love with it, btw, she reads after lights out with it all the time) and missed it enough to immediately buy another. With a 10440 its a real powerhouse in a small package and so convenient I used it a LOT.

  6. I must be lucky cause my Acebeam M20 could have been on that list when I bought it for $9.99. Now it's a hair over $20. That XP-G3 is a tiny powerhouse from 4.2v instead of the 1.2v-1.5v

  7. Ha ha, that was the funniest one yet. I think the Lumintop needs a small ring on it to then fit your key ring. I would use an intermediary ring on all those lights so they have room to move around and not bind up.

  8. Olight I3E is an awesome AAA light, 1 mode, twisty head, 130 lm in the silver and copper version 👍🇺🇸🧀🔦

  9. I just ordered from banggood 2 weeks ago for the 1rst time! I'm still waiting for my lights. I ordered the convoy c8 with the new firmware upgrade and the astrolux S1! I think I have a flashlight problem cause I can't stop tracking my package every few hours. That happens every time I order one, it's very stressful

  10. Great video Matt. I have a Thorfire TG06 and it uses next mode memory, and i dont like it either. For my key chain light i use the Ultratac K18, and i like it alot. My only complaint with it is it uses a cold white xpg2, maybe i will switch it to a nichia someday.

  11. JETbeam for the Win here, in my book!

    No, I don't have any of them.

    A great idea for a video!

    Even for just a key chain light. I don't think 'I' could go back and use any alkaline battery light again : – )

    The gift idea light bulb is going off above my head though. We all know someone who would love this thing!

    Thanks Matt.

  12. The special "µ" is a greek symbol used to represent micro
    I really enjoy your reviews and products. Keep up the good work!

  13. What time ?who's time is it? Lol
    I think I will try the jet beam.
    I did get a free light from harbor freight. It takes three triple A and has a key chain whole. It would definitely fall off the deck post but it works.

  14. You just put one of my favorite keyring flashlight dead last
    Now I want to get the jetbeam, any idea where I should order it from?

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