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Should you Buy this Table Saw? | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Should you Buy this Table Saw?? Are you looking to see table saw cutting depth? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Should you Buy this Table Saw? | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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Should you Buy this Table Saw?
Should you Buy this Table Saw?

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I have been using the Dewalt DW745 Compact Jobsite Table Saw for a year and a half now. Here are my thoughts on the saw. Pros, Cons, and whether or not you should consider purchasing it.
Kreg Rip Cut —

Makita MLT100 review by Christofix –

Videos that I used the saw in:
Drill Charging Station –
Picture Frame –
Wooden Mallet –

120V (corded)
Amps – 15.0
Blade Diameter – 10″
Depth of cut at 90º – 3-1/8″
Depth of cut at 45º – 2-1/4″
Max Rip to Right of Blade – 20″
Max Rip left of Blade – 12″
Support Dato Stacks – No
Dust Port Diameter – 2-1/2″
No Load Speed -3,850 RPM
Tool Weight – 45 lbs

Miter Gauge
Push Stick
10″ 24T Carbide Blade
Blade Guard

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  1. Thanks for the no B.S. review and for not making me sit through a bunch of music or introductory foo.

  2. Wow, I have never seen a bad review of the fence. Mine is rock solid and never moves when it locks down. My only issue is it will not take a dado stack.

  3. Mine was thrown down the highway in a traffic accident about 5 years ago and the fence stayed aligned. No jive. I’ve always bought these dewalt portable saws. They’re perfect for my kin struction business. Love the fence system dewalt uses. This particular model could use a more durable fence but at this price I’m happy. I’ve worked it extremely hard over its 5-6 year life. Was doing a lot of Ipe decking and stairs at one point. That thing was ripping 2×12’s of ipe clean and square. I have yet to try newer models.

  4. In addition to not being able to use a dado stack, the slots are straight sided. In my opinion this is a huge safety hazard! If a person makes a sled it would be safer as long as it has a lot of length to prevent flipping off on the pull back. I’ve bought this saw years ago and it’s been fine for my work, powerful, and pretty accurate. The two cons listed above are my only complaints. Be very careful if using the mitre gage! I put a fence on the gage and use it backwards. Make the fence long enough to trim it on both sides of the blade, then you also have a reference point for the cut.

  5. The initial surge is because DeWalt evidently didn't add any type of soft-start to the motor. Instead of slowly ramping up to full voltage (110 volts), the full voltage is applied instantaneously. This causes an initial spike in current, thus sometimes blowing the breaker. You can purchase external soft-start devices that get plugged in between the tool and the wall outlet. I'm actually surprised DeWalt didn't include a soft-start in the design.

  6. Wrong about the fence, because it's the best in the job site saw class.
    If you tripped a breaker with that saw, then your house isn't up to date, because that's a 15 amp motor. Call an electrician today.

  7. I disagree with all your comments. I bought the newer model. Firstly it needs a 15 amp power point. Normal 10 amp ones don’t cut it. It’ll trip the circuit breaker every time. The fence stands up to abuse and is one of the best “out of the box “ fences there is. Finally the prices in America are a joke. You guys get tools for nothing. That saw set me back $1200 here in Australia. As for moving when pushing timber through it, that’s why they invented lockable castors. I bought the Dewalt trolley for mine; there’s another $400. 👍🇦🇺

  8. Starting amps will always be higher than running amps. Always have 12 awg wire on a 20 amp breaker for tools like these.

  9. What options would you consider a good upgrade? Interested to know what you're thinking about. As is was 2018, I guess you have already upgraded?

  10. wholy crap…I know this video is old, but that saw is almost 1000 euros in germany…but that's germany for you….too many useless middle men have to get their cut….I hate germany…no, I really do.

  11. Your review was right on. This saw won't accept a dado stack. So for me I have to use another procedure. I'm a newbie with big ideas….. The biggest thing is keeping my fingers out of the way 😛😛
    Thanks again

  12. Mitch, this is a great review, thank you for taking the time to make this video.

    I wish I could buy it for $259. here in UK in 2020 the cheapest price is £449 or $550, more than twice the price!

  13. I recently bought two new tools to my wood working. I do mostly hand tools, but thought I would take things up a notch. Sawing things by hand got old after a while. I decided on getting this exact same table saw. This might just be my opinion, but I always liked the idea of building my own table that encompasses a table saw. The fence can be removed and a new one designed for the table. That way you can also build your own sleds and jigs without the limits of the fence it came with. Getting things to cut straight will depend on your skills and the quality of your work, but its a trade off for me because this is my first table saw. I did not have a lot of money for one especially because of cov 19. I do look forward to getting out there and building up my new shop. I also added a band saw that was a starting point for me. I spent less on it to get this table saw.

  14. nice little saw.My only complaint with mine so far is that sometimes in hardwood,the blade will drop a bit.I never actually see the adjustment wheel turn,but it must.Nice video

  15. can you please show how to use the rip fence? I am new, this is my first table saw and the instructions make no sense to me.

  16. I bought this saw last summer I have the larger one cuts 24 inches but with the rolling base it tends to be big most of my cutting for trim work I dont need the extra width so I found the saw to be pretty good I paid 279 too was a sale and I allways wanted it lol

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