SHOWER DRAIN WEEP HOLES….explained | List of best cleaning accessories

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SHOWER DRAIN WEEP HOLES….explained | List of best cleaning accessories.

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Someone explain how you can clog weepholes with mortar…because it’s pretty obvious you can’t..please guys, allow yourself to THINK things through before believing the non-sense others tell you, why must I make videos breaking things down ??
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  1. I don’t know man…I have never done a shower pan in my life but I just took apart the shower at the house we just bought (12yo) because of the mildew smell and two things
    1) weep holes filled with mortar
    2) no pre-slope
    The mortar bed was stinky but not saturate.
    Some mildew under tile especially near drain.
    (No redgard in bed, just in corners on wall board).
    I’m not sure how I want to proceed…
    Thanks for the videos.

  2. background music while you are talking was very distracting to someone who is trying to concentrate and listen to you

  3. You are guiding people down the wrong path. It’s upsetting. Why disrupt the exit of the water? Why not leave the weep holes unclogged? You’re an idiot with all due respect

  4. Peoples sick misinterpretations of others shower drains and what they mean ! That isnt my problem and I'm not gonna suffer for it ! ex buffy or noone is gonna make that ! Tell the whole damn planet for all I care ! A decent act… To what ? The face of what ? Myself… LOL. Please…

  5. I live in RI and I drew a design how I wanted my walk in shower done. Someone refered me to a great contractor who I met with and recieved a price. He sent a tile guy who did a great job on my floor but not my shower. He forgot to put a pan in , tile cuts didn't match, water stayed in the middle of my shower and wouldn't drain. I asked the sub contractor to show me his license and insurance, he said he didn't have any and he told my contractor that he tiled as a hobby. My shower now leaks out from under the step up. I live on SSDI after working on a rescue for 10 years my knees and back are not good so I have to save for jobs like this. My savings are gone and everyone I call to come fix it, they won't touch someone else's bad work ? I don't know what else to do… Help anyone ? Earlene

  6. Hey mate hope you doing well. I am currently redoing my bathroom and I am living in Japan and tiles just break my bank….. So I was thinking can you do a rough Plastering/Mortar wall finish on Redgard for a shower? maybe you could do a test? Kind regards. All the best from Toyko, Mike

  7. I live in Atlanta as well. I would like to tag along on any of your jobs and learn for free

  8. Hey so if you waterproof all the way to the drain. How does the water get over the drain? The drain sticks out about 1/4 of an inch above Redgard. How do you address that? You will have a wet ring of water around the drain about 12” in radius.

  9. I love these upending the system videos because I myself also like pointing out the stupidity in everyday things and getting to say to people "This is why this is bullsh*t"

  10. Anything that is built correctly will work. Some guys do things by the book because that's how they were taught. Plus to be fair some municipalities require you to use the book methods or they won't pass your inspection. In places like California were Isaac and landburge tile are or in Boston were sal is if you don't use proper book methods you don't pass inspection. Everyone has their own way but if you are a homeowner and your looking at YouTube for ways to do a shower your better off using a book method or using a shower kit with instructions. It will protect you incase something goes wrong with the build. I'm a professional contractor and I have been called to look at showers that don't use proper methods and fail because the homeowner decided not to do everything right. Fact is if you waterproof everything on the top and use the right drain you won't have a problem. I prefer to use a bonding flange drain for topical membrane application because then you don't have to worry about weeping.

  11. I always wondered why people say water will travel through the mortar under the tile, but not the mortar in the weep holes. It seems illogical.

  12. The standing water puddles on the membrane, wouldnt that cause odors over time? By pre sloping under membrane gravity becomes a friend to this situation. What am i missing here?

  13. This shower war is going to go on forever lol. Issac cheated on his experiment so I considered that null and void.

  14. the plastic injection molding of that black drain assembly is impeccable. stainless steel bolts. nice.

  15. I'll have to see this one again sir. Was driving and trying to listen but audio was not cooperating. Thank you greatly for sharing your wisdom.

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