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Shroud of Turin Used to Create 3D Copy of Jesus | Top best products for household.

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Shroud of Turin Used to Create 3D Copy of Jesus

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In early 2018, Researchers in Rome unveiled a 3-D carbon copy of what Jesus looked like, based on the measurements of the Shroud of Turin.

The statue is the three-dimensional representation, in actual size, of the Man of the Shroud, created following the precise measurements taken from the cloth.

Based off the model they are able to tell, he was nearly 5 ft. 11 inches tall, whereas the average height at the time was around 5 ft. 5 inches.

Researchers believe that they finally have the precise image of what Jesus looked like, and based on the marks on the Shroud of Turin, Jesus received “a total of at least 600 blows.” The sculpture of his tortured body reflects these wounds.

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    1) Why is he in that pose, with his legs bent & his head up tilted up, why is he not flat – I read in one article where the scientists explained, he is in that position from how rigor mortis set in while he was on the cross, his legs were bent and arms were straight, but the arms were brought down to his side in a straight manor, so the shroud could fit over him. Plus the head is tilted up because when he was upright on the cross the head would have been tilted down towards the chest and stayed that way during rigor mortis. (this is what I read)

  2. How could a cloth made less than a thousand years ago possible have wrapped a body from over two thousand years ago?

  3. And to think that he did this for me, a sinner who deserved death and to be casted to the pit of hell and who did NOT deserved God's mercy and grace. There is no greater love that Jehovah's God love, even though we are not worthy He still made a plan of redemption through His Son Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for your LOVE and Mercy.

  4. correct me if i'm wrong but that thing was A god.isn"t god suppose to be the almighty,immortal and all knowing?if god is characterized by that then who is lying on that table?

  5. The Shroud of Turin and the myth of Jesus have both been debunked for decades. Get off your asses and do the slightest bit of research.

  6. I don't believe in many of the religious relics but the shroud is different. Blood was actually on the shroud. The funny thing about the blood, it lacked the chromosome of the father. I believe the shroud is real.

  7. Everytime I see a rendition of Jesus that looks some Caucasian dude who could have just hung ten on his surfboard at Malibu I become very skeptical.

    The fact of the matter is the Bible says He had no earthly beauty so that people would not be attracted to Him for His looks.

    Aka, by the world's standards He was ugly!

    If someone came up with a hunch back dude with a uni brow and club feet I would be more inclined to look further.

    I'm telling you now, Jesus is not Californian!

  8. These days I immediately assume these people are working for the coming Antichrist. Because according to scripture, Jesus looked unremarkable.

    AFAIK, The Shroud Of Turin has long since been proven not to be old enough to be from the time of his crucifixion.

  9. Read Gospel of John's burial. There were two cloths, one for the head. John buried Christ! Carbon dating placed it at 1370 AD. It's a 'fraud' and a substitute for the Bible. You're being lied to.

  10. Jesus Christ Himself revealed to Saint Elisabeth of Hungary the following:
    1. It was 105 soldiers that took me hostage and up Calvary,
    2. 35 blows to the head,
    3. 102 shoves,
    4. 7 times I fell until I reached Anás house,
    5. 5 kicks to get up,
    6. 80 blows to my back,
    7. 30 shoves,
    At Pilates house:
    8. Spit 33 times,
    9. Tied me to a column and got five thousand and thirty lashes (5030 lashes)
    10. Pierced my body 102 times,
    11. Which I fell 1 more time, carrying the cross on my back,
    12. They shoved me 3 more times,
    13. In total Our Lord Jesus Christ shed thirty thousand, six hundred and seventy drops of blood!

    To all men and women who pray 7 Our Father's and 7 Hail Mary's in my memory, I suffered for them, pray 12 years until fulfillment of the number of drops of blood that was shed for them. They will receive 5 grants from me:
    1. Plenary indulgence,
    2. You will be free from the purgatory penalties,
    3. If you die before completing the 12 years, it will be as if you did,
    4. The same is true of all martyrs who shed blood for love of me,
    5. I will come down from heaven to receive your soul in the company of your closest relatives, up to the 5th generation of kinship, in case any of these are in purgatory they will be immediately taken and all together will live eternal life in my company in heaven.

    It is also said that whoever carries this prayer with him will be free from the temptation of the devil and will not die a bad death,
    The woman who is in child birth, if she has with her this prayer, she will have child without any danger,
    At home that has this prayer, there will be no bad visions and 4 hours before dying you will see my Blessed Mother.

    To do this devotion pray 12 years:
    7 x Our Father,
    7 x Hail Mary
    Jesus, Mary, Joseph.

  11. I got beachfront property in Florida for sale under ten dollars? any interested buyers? People will fall for anything.

  12. The nails in the feet of Jesus would actually have been in the side of the heel and the two feet straddled each side of the tree or beam. It was usually always a tree and they only carries the top cross part.

  13. yep they could unfold his arm to put them on his legs but could not unfold the legs? yeah right!

  14. Apparently people have not read the true description of Jesus. He had hair like wool and skin like bronze. The shroud is fake.

  15. If a "cat of nine tails" was used as a whip and He was whipped 39 times, then the number of body tears should be 351, because I sinned and He paid for my sins. God is love. Jesus is God.

  16. Lmao if you people saw the real Jesus you wouldn’t even recognize him he looks nothing like these white people depicted him to look like 👍🏾

  17. First of all Jesus has dark skin. Second of all he is on his way. Pray for everyone. Enemy's included….

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