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Sig Sauer's CROSS Bolt-Action Rifle | Guns & Gear | Latest information about hand tools

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Sig Sauer's CROSS Bolt-Action Rifle | Guns & Gear | Best garden tools for you.

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Sig Sauer's CROSS Bolt-Action Rifle | Guns & Gear
Sig Sauer's CROSS Bolt-Action Rifle | Guns & Gear

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Sig Sauer’s new bolt-action CROSS rifle was designed with input from hunters, military snipers, and elite long-range shooters to meet the demands of both precision long-range shooting and extreme backcountry hunting. The CROSS features a fully adjustable and folding SIG precision stock, a 2-stage match trigger, and weighs in at just under 6.5 lbs.

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  1. So what happened? How do you build a bolt action rifle that fails? Fixed yet? Redesigned trigger or bolt? Why did you not simply have someone like Triggertech supply your triggers? Disappointing. Quit bringing up "Snipers" as some type of sales pitch the left will use that…stop supplying them with sound bites. Build a damn rifle that shoots and shoots great.

  2. At the weight of the cross I'd rather it long than short, pulling into a rifle you are far less likely to get bitten.

  3. I picked up a .308 a few weeks ago from Cabelas, I have a few hundred rounds through it and a good load worked up now. I really like the package and it's a good shooter, hope knock over an antelope or deer with it this year.

  4. went to my local bass pro looking at boats and stuff. looked at the flyer and saw the cross, had the manager order one last week. and its in my lap right now. very nice. now for a light weight scope and rings..

  5. These are impossible to find. I've called just about every dealer in my state. My buddy got his hands on the 308 version. I'm intrigued by the 277 version, but if I can't even get my hands on the gun….

  6. That 6.5CM was kicking the piss out of him lol. The cross definitely needs a can or muzzle brake on the end.

  7. The stock should fold the other way. It's always annoying when they fold and block the action or controls.

  8. Can't we see them demonstrating what they can do at 100, 300, 600 yards?

    5 shot groups at 100, etc.

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