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SIMPLE AUTO CREEPER FARM | AUTO GUNPOWDER👌 [10,000+ GUNPOWDER PER HOUR When STACKED] | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject SIMPLE AUTO CREEPER FARM | AUTO GUNPOWDER👌 [10,000+ GUNPOWDER PER HOUR When STACKED]? Are you looking to see best creeper? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

SIMPLE AUTO CREEPER FARM | AUTO GUNPOWDER👌 [10,000+ GUNPOWDER PER HOUR When STACKED] | List of best hand tools for you.

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How to Build an AMAZING Creeper Farm!
This Creeper Farm uses almost no resources! Hope You Enjoy! Built in Java ! :) Gun
💥 Built in: JAVA Doesnt work in bedrock

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  1. Top Question You all Have:
    ** HOW TO STACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR6dL74Nv6A&t=203s
    1️⃣ Does this work in Bedrock? – Yes and No! It does but it is INSANLY slow…. There are better Bedrock Options
    2️⃣ Why do I have to go up so high? – There is a 128 sphere around the player where all mobs spawn, Going higher isolates the farm and the more efficient it becomes
    3️⃣ Mine isnt Spawning any creepers, Why? – You may have caves or a mineshaft under your base, light them up to stop mobs from spawning in them or See #2
    4️⃣ What are the Trap Doors for? – Creepers are slightly shorter mobs, The trap doors eliminate all other mob spawn other then Creepers and Spiders (to stop spiders see #5)
    5️⃣ Why are Spiders in my farm? – I messed up the carpet placement in this video, Spiders spawn in any 3×3 space… Placing carpets every 2 blocks stops this and leaves plently of blocks to spawn creepers
    6️⃣ Why does this work so well vs Other farms? – My theory after watching this side by side with the others ///
    —— The creepers instantly get spooked and only have 3 blocks to choose from for an escape..

    They do not wander around all scared trying to decide (calculate) which block is more safe to choose from a choice of 10 or 12… They spook, instantly calculate "thats my only exit" – Path-find and GO! Once they are out of the way.. More can instantly spawn —-
    This is just my theory but if you watch my farm in spectator vs others… No creepers wander, They spawn – spook and sprint for the only exit they can calculate as safe

  2. Built it exactly as in the video even the chest is at same level but when I went up to 178 for like an hour got nothing, maybe its because I'm on a server?

  3. Is the spawn distance different on servers ?
    when i go up between 128-120 no mobs spawn.
    Had a single mob spawn around 100 blocks higher, but then never again O.o

    E: Ok, found it. the key was 80 blocks above the lowest point. But theres now another issue: it takes a while to spawn 4 creepers, and then no more follow.
    Fuck this Server for Mobfarms.

  4. I can’t get this to work in survival mode. I’ve built it exactly as in this video. What’s the go?

  5. your gonna need some stacks of builder blocks

    looks at him in multiple stacks of netherrack and cobblestone

  6. Can confirm it works in 1.17.1, Java Edition, Survival hardmode multiplayer.
    I built it waaaaay up in the air (200+), I also switched from Lava to Campfire since I thought some gunpowder might be destroyed by he lava.
    Will note that the spawn rate was SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED to basically nothing when there were players on he server about 500 blocks from me.

    I got about 60pcs in 10minutes when I was alone on the server (With a three layer spawner), which I think is good.
    You can also convert it so they don't die and just use a looting sword to kill them to really increase the loot rate.

  7. Did the AFKing up 120 blocks up trick, lit up the ground like crazy… nothing. Not a single gunpowder. :/ I've built 3 in different places.

  8. Hey Chapman, is everything alright? You don't sound like your usual self. Hope everything is okay. Thank you so much for the video. Take care of yourself.

  9. built the whole thing. then saw doesnt work in bedrock. cool. could mention that in the intro… just saying

  10. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to turn it into a manual killing farm? I wanna use looting 3 on it to get more drops since I can't afk and it boring to just wait there

  11. Last time I built this farm it took just 2 days to get enough gunpowder to blow every base on my friend’s server 3 times over, and I’ll do it again!

  12. Question. Does this only work on java or something because i havent had a single creeper spawn in 15 minutes when im olaying on bedrock.

  13. Can someone explain to me why do you need closed trapdoors for the hole in the middle and why do you need carpets?

  14. i feel like the title is clickbait because u afked for 7 hours but the 12-stack farm only had like, what, 7.1k items? Title says 10k/hr when in reality its 1k per hour (7.1k per 7 hours) so im not sure what to believe. Please explain what happened 1k items is very underwhelming for a 12-stack.

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