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Skar Audio DDX 10 Subwoofer | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Skar Audio DDX 10 Subwoofer? Are you looking to see 10 inch subwoofer reviews? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Skar Audio DDX 10 Subwoofer | Latest information about hand tools.

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Skar Audio DDX 10 Subwoofer

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Follow up to my LC2I install video. System has been running for close to a year no issues..

Video shows the system in action..

I am a DIY person not a pro installer.. got questions? Leave them below.

LC2i Install Video

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10 inch subwoofer reviews


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  1. I’m brewer to the speaker game , so if i got a 10 inch 1500 peak and tan a larger amp then 1500 amps would i the speaker be safe if i turned down the amp

  2. Just installed a skar srd 10 in my s10 with the skar audio 1200 watt amp. Definitely not going to win any comps with it but that's not what I wanted I wanted to add a little bass to my truck but this set up surpassed my expectations. I hot the package deal from skar audio the 10 inch sub preloaded in a box with wiring kit 4 gauge power cord and ground cord with 1200watt amp it was 329$ smoking deal in my opinion. Skar audio has a life time customer now.

  3. U can get way more power out of that monster skar subwoofer that amp is week …throwing around 300rms at 4oh its better to have a powerfull amp than a sub trust me it will last u for ever i have never mest up a sub but yup need way more power for that 1000rms sub🤙

  4. I'm thinking about buying one I also drive a elantra sounds clean to me I don't care about branded names I want that boom clean bass sound coo mayn

  5. this might sound like a fun question but can i buy any kind of amp for these subs, besides the skar ones?

  6. Nice set up bro. I just bought a Skar Sdr 10. Cant wait 2 install. Is that music chopped & Screwed, sounds good😎

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