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Skar ZVX 8 SPL’n in the Suburban [4K] | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Skar ZVX 8 SPL’n in the Suburban [4K]? Are you looking to see best spl subwoofer? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Skar ZVX 8 SPL’n in the Suburban [4K] | Best hand-held repair tools.

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Skar ZVX 8 SPL’n in the Suburban [4K]
Skar ZVX 8 SPL’n in the Suburban [4K]

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Doing some SPL runs on this Skar ZVX-8 in the Suburban. I recently built an enclosure for a friend of mine and was curious how this subwoofer would do in the Burban on the Polk Pad 2000.2

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  1. That sounded awesome with my cans love 8" subwoofers in vehicles it always sounds so nice complements your highs well without being overbearing yet still pounds!

  2. A single ZVX 8" ported on 800 watts


    4 12" Skar IX on 800 watts.

    In a tiny sedan. Opinions? Which would you do?

  3. I cant decide 2 8' ZVX w/ rp.2000.1 amp or 1 12 VVX or 12 1ZVX. Ive been told to go with the 2 8s because they are better than 1 12. I'm not sure what to do

  4. I had 4 of those last year in my work truck. I normally run single 15"s but I wanted to see what I could do with smaller Subs 8" subs have always been underated yrs back they wasn't good at all. But now days the technology has advanced so much the new 8"s can out preform 12"s n 15"s from the early 2000s. I still got the baby Zvx subs but I no longer use em. I'm running a Sundown X 15" in my V8 S10 blazer lol but in me my wife's 2010 VW CC TSI Turbo sport I got two Sundown SA V3 8" subs on a Skar Rp1500.1 and they absolutely slam music they stay in the mid 130s around 137ish spl @47hz it does a 145 it prob could do better but for the amp n box they are in I'm pretty damn Happy with em. My buddy also has two SA 8" v3 and his is louder than mine. I would go back to my lil Zv3 subs but they just don't get as loud well the 4 of em are louder but we don't want to take up to much trunk these sports cars trunks ain't so big lol. I had a Skar DDX 15 D2 in a QBomb vented box in it and it took the entire trunk almost lol. So got the two SA8s.. but as for Zvx 8"s they pretty damn impressive.. now I also had two Skar Evl 8" subs same custom box the SA 8"s are now living n the EVl 8s just didn't sound to good compared to the zvx8s the Zvx 8" is damn good all the way around n for the price you can't beat em

  5. What’s the deminsions of this box so I can build one exactly like it can I get plate by plate ? Front and back? Sides? Port top all of them?

  6. The T/S parameters on Skar's website are incorrect. They list Qes as 1.25 and Qms as 3.60, which does not calculate to the Qts of 0.76 listed. The only way to accurately predict the response on these is to measure an impedance curve and calculate the T/S parameters before building the box..

  7. May I suggest next time measuring SPL at quantifiable frequencies, say 30, 40, 50 hz etc…? That way, if you ever do this again using different subwoofer(s), it will be easy to compare the difference in output at different frequencies..

  8. I got a debate of someone trying to trade 2 skar zvx 8’s for my sundown 10 x-series v2. Its such a hard decision

  9. Im building a all skar audio system in my 2001 chevy silverado single cab. I wanted a 12" zvx in the center console but not wanting a big box to look to tacky. Do u thing 2-8" zvx would hit good in a box in the center console. My amp is the 2000watt skar audio amp. Any opinions would help alot

  10. does it sound punchy in real life? it doesnt sound punchy in the video. i hate punchy bass. your setup sounds really clean and low. im debating between this or the DC m3 8

  11. Does this sub get lose stiffness after break in? with time ? Shit is stiff af even with a custom box it sounds weired some songs really smooth some sound really idk . build to specs it’s not really feeling it .

  12. No doubt this mini monsters get down i have 4 zvx 12s on 2 old skol mtx thunder 1500s in my 16 escalade 0 gauge 2 extra batteries n a 320a alternator thing gets nasty…

  13. you cannot go wrong with skar for the price there amps produced true RMS power and the speakers bang hard as fuck The Evils are really nice if you put a thousand watts to them they bang beautifully but the xmzvx is a step above

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