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Small 3-Way Stereo Speaker Build – by SoundBlab | Best hand-held repair tools

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Small 3-Way Stereo Speaker Build – by SoundBlab | Best hand-held repair tools.

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Small 3-Way Stereo Speaker Build - by SoundBlab
Small 3-Way Stereo Speaker Build – by SoundBlab

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The design and drivers used in this speaker build project is inspired by a few manufacturers that have used similar off-the-shelf drivers in their commercial designs. Some of these commercial speakers retail in the region of US$4000 for a pair. Considering that the total cost for the drivers I am using are less than US$200, I set out to design my own set of speakers using some of these drivers. I am super happy with the outcome. These speakers are now my favourite to listen to right now, and I think they will be for some time to come!


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Some of the Parts used in this Build:
– Tang Band W5-1138SMF 4 ohm Subwoofer –

– Fountek FE85 3inch Full Range Driver –

– Dayton Audio ND25FA-4 Tweeter –

– 50 feet of speaker wire (14 AWG) –

– Red and Black Insulated Speaker Binding Posts –
– Polyester Batting –

– 0.8mm Solder Wire –

– Speaker Spikes (stick-on) –

– Speaker Spikes (screw thread) –
– Speaker Spikes (large for front spike) –

– Speaker Brackets and Spikes (no need to make your own feet brackets, use this all-in-one solution) –

Recommended Tools from Amazon.com:
– F-Style Clamps (12 and 24 inch) – ,
– Wixey Digital Angle Gauge –
– Triton MOF001 2 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router –
– Kreg Precision Router Table Insert Plate w/Level-Loc Rings (predrilled Triton) –
– Bosch Random Orbital Sander –
– Makita Brad Nailer –
– Makita Trim Router –
– Makita 18V Cordless Drill & Impact Driver:
– Makita Finishing Sander:
– Makita Beltsander:
– Makita Circular Saw:
– Makita Jigsaw:

Recommended Tools from Banggood.com:
– Soldering and Hot Air Rework Station –
– Drillpro Miter Gauge for Table Saw –
– Countersink Bits –
– Circle Cutting Router Jig for Trim Routers –
– Trim Router 680Watts –

My Camera Equipment:
– Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera with EF-M15-45mm Lens –
– Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens –
– Canon EOS M Mount Adapter –
– Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum 5-Section Tripod Kit with Hybrid Head –
– Dc 5v to Dc 9v Step Up Voltage Converter –
– Ball Head Camera Mount Clamp w/ 1/4″-20 Tripod head Hot Shoe Adapter –
– 20000mah Power Bank –

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  1. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Fountek FE85 driver seems to be either out of stock, or discontinued. Either way, I am working on an update for this speaker with a new driver, and will be releasing updated build plans hopefully within a couple of months from the time of posting this comment. In the meantime the current BUILD PLANS have been removed from my webshop. I apologise for the inconvenience, however these are circumstances beyond my control.

  2. Hi Hanri. I didn´t find the build plans in your site. I checked the Fountek FE85 driver and it isn´t out of stock. Where can i find the build plans of theses speakers ?

  3. The Fountek FE85 drivers have been discontinued. Is there another driver that you can recommend to replace it? Can your plans be updated for the new drivers and possible changes to the electronics?

  4. Yes! That was quite interesting at least!
    I've never tried mounting woofers on sides of the enclosures, so I'm not quite familiar with the sound of such a system. I see it's a very complex construction (and skillfully done by the way ;), a labyrinth type if I'm correct… but I didn't quite understand, when tested, the woofers are facing towards each other or vice-versa? Or it doesn't matter?
    And the biggest question of all: why mounting the additional rear tweeter?? I saw in the crossover design that it was linked in series with the front one!
    Thanks for showing how to work with the aluminum plates!

  5. Late to the party here. 2 questions: 1) How many watts to each speaker? 2) What is the impedance of these bad boys?

  6. A great video and a fantastic project for everyone potentially. I have ordered your build plan and it is very well done. Looking now at ordering the parts, it seems the Fountek FE85 full range driver is decommissioned and replaced by the FE86, therefore I am wondering if it is still optimal for your build (for instance the higher end of the bandwidth up to 20KHz not anymore 25KHz), if you would suggest an alternative or if you would consider it is a no brainer to go with the FE86 ? Congratulations for the quality of your work !

  7. Hi, i bought these build plans and just finished in building these fine speakers. The sound is very impressive and of a clearness i ve never heard before. I opted for a white speaker design with chalky varnish and a clear satin cover.

  8. How much were the Crossover Parts? I am considering buying your plans depending how much the total costs are?
    What were the Manufactured Speakers that use similar drivers?

  9. I want to buy the plans and build these. The fountek fe85 is discontinued from Parts Express. Is there another source or do you recommend a comparable 3 inch speaker?

  10. Really great build. No sure if you realised, you are using a pozi but with philips screws :)

  11. Nice looking speakers, but if the woofers are facing each other, wouldn’t there be wave form cancellation ?

  12. Where did you learn to build speakers? I see you use a lot of methods that you wouldn’t just intuitively understand.

  13. Just subscribed, excellent videos, speakers are really nice and sound crisp, well done, look forward to your next project perhaps something a little larger that kicks out a bit more depth and bass.? Fingers crossed, stay well.

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