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SOG PowerPint multi tool EDC gear review. (My first EDC review too) | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject SOG PowerPint multi tool EDC gear review. (My first EDC review too)? Are you looking to see bladeless multi tool? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

SOG PowerPint multi tool EDC gear review. (My first EDC review too) | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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SOG PowerPint multi tool EDC gear review. (My first EDC review too)
SOG PowerPint multi tool EDC gear review. (My first EDC review too)

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This is my overall impressions and review of the SOG Power pint multi tool. ..

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  1. Good review. You point out the good and less than good features. I changed the cap lifter and file on the SOG Micro Pint to become 4mm and 7mm flathead screwdrivers resp. It is my favourite tool for everyday use, and it gets a lot of use!
    Every multitool has one fault or another. The much-vaunted Leatherman Charge TTI has plier handles, for example, that snap shut on your palm, causing painful blood blisters. Its mini scissors could be twice as big. Otherwise, a great tool set, but very heavy. You get the picture.
    I find that LM MPint is versatile and useful for practically all my little tasks that pop up during an ordinary day.

  2. He spends 2 minutes talking about wanting to make the video he's making and telling you to like & subscribe, etc… Then 2 minutes talking about other random shit that he likes. at about @4:20 he actually starts talking about the tool.

  3. Great video nice review !! you asked for feed back the only thing i would change would be to use something every one would know for scale (like a Quarter ). But great job !!!

  4. Nice balanced review, what I liked is that you put it next to a standard 91mm SAK to put it into perspective, I can immediately relate to that! So I reckon it's the smallest tool with what you could call full size pliers on it, the design is pretty good as the lack of inner tools means the plier head can take up most of the handle length. The only other tool like that was the old Leatherman mini tool which had very few other tools, as they were squeezed on the inside.
    For it's pricepoint which is about the same as a Gerber Truss or a couple of pounds more than the Suspension I would say this is definitely much better, if you are not looking to spend twice as much on a Leatherman or Swisstool for the better build quality and inclusion of a saw. However you might be better off spending a couple of dollars extra and getting a Wingman.

  5. I have one and I love it. I pocket carry edc it and it comes in handy like hell. I can’t ever go back to a normal pocket knife after carrying this thing. Don’t get one! I like the fact that you don’t see many of them. 😆

  6. Good review man. Since you asked for feedback I would suggest mentioning the price of this tool msrp or currently this price….
    Many people who click on video are window shopping.

  7. I just got the " Gerber – Crucial " small EDC multitool and it wasn't until after I got the the Crucial that I came across the PowerPint… Is it possible to open and close the knife on the PowerPint with one hand?

  8. You hit all the important points and I just ordered one. I’m a telephone infrastructure technician

  9. I use it everyday as a hvac tech and the little flathead works perfect for thermostat screws and everything else on it I use in my field

  10. Comparing this to the Swiss army knife is a bit disingenous, the swiss knife is just that, a knife with some meh tools added, and no pliers. It's a pocket knife vs a pocket tool. For the same or slightly less space used, even, you get more tools, better tools, a bit driver and pliers. Insofar as bang for the buck goes, this beats the knife in basically all ways.

  11. I bought mine before I watched this review. My experience with this tool is contrary to yours. Lol. Maybe you got a bad one? Mine has none of the issues you experienced. Everything is tight. Nothing rubs or touches. All the tools work. Pliers are strong and it’s light and compact. My only gripe is the clip. The way it’s oriented allows for the tool to open up while you walk. Other than that it’s exactly what I wanted/needed.

  12. I have to wonder why they did not integrate a flathead into the end of the cap lifter or can opener like they do other sog tools. It doesn't make sense to me a missed opportunity for more functionality that they already do on other models like poweraccess.

  13. Did you use the bit driver? Does it lock when you turn the bit? Do you have to hold the handle tightly so the bit won't move? Thanks..

  14. I saw this at Costco while shopping w/family last night. It was only $20 bucks including a mini pocket knife/tooth pick, which I thought was a good deal & almost bought it, but my better 1/2 talked me out of it, however after watching your review on YT this morning …. guess where im on my way to!?😃

  15. Outstanding for a first EDC review! Great observations and you are pretty fair and as objective as these things can be. Love the video quality! I get so tired of seeing EDC video where they are trying to show something up close and the focus is all over the place ;-). I am curious about this tool. I have the original SOG Powerlock, which is built like a tank! It is a bit chunky for EDC though.

  16. Hey great first review. You’ve got me wanting to get one now. Is that a lanyard hole opposite the clip?
    Also I heard on another review something about in the hinge there is a way to measure angles. I’m sure it’s an awkward method of doing that with such a tiny device but it’s built into it. Sorry if you mentioned those points and I missed. Appreciate your time and thank for doing this.

  17. Ive used this in the field and have been very pleased with its performance. Wire cutters actually cut very well, the needle nose work very well and the plier portion does its job. the knife is razor sharp. Love the part where you can use different bits which I usually carry in my pocket. Very convenient even though you have to keep a grip on the tool while using, the magnet helps keep it in there a little. The phillips works well and the flathead is kinda small but for me very useful.scissors work surprisingly well. Its compact size is nice and its ability to be opened with one hand to use the pliers is pretty damn awesome. As far as it not be being perfectly built does take away from its usefulness.

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