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Solar Camping Lantern Vs Hand Crank Camping Lantern | Newly updated garden tools

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Solar Camping Lantern Vs Hand Crank Camping Lantern | Best garden tools for you.

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Solar Camping Lantern Vs Hand Crank Camping Lantern
Solar Camping Lantern Vs Hand Crank Camping Lantern

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I recently bought a rechargeable solar camping lantern. Not long after I made the purchase, I say another lantern that looked almost identical, but it could be recharged with a hand crank instead of a solar panel. So I had to get it and try them both.

Which one is better? That’s a good question. It depends on what’s most important to you because each one has its own pros and cons. But I think both options are good and I’m happy to have one of each.

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  1. Hey I want to get both lanterns but the link for the solar one leads to another product. Can I get the link for the solar powered lantern. Thank you. By the way your video was great. I subscribe and shared your video.

  2. Great review and comparison. Just a thought, can the combined the two. is it a hand crank and solar power in on?

  3. You should try cranking the one for 5 minutes. I have both made by Suaoki & have found keep a crank one in my GoBag helpful. Cranking for 5 minutes lets you get into a space & set up your other lighting.

  4. Guy looks weird cuz his lower lip keeps his mouth wide open even when his mouth is "closed".

  5. What about solar batteries inside? What capacity ? I bought solar string light 50m. Inside was cheap china batteries 1200mah,I replaced with brand -GP 2300mah. Match longer run time and better.
    Wontering can i cahnage sollar lantern batteries?
    2 quesrion. Im looking biger solar camping lantern with batteries aa or biger. + have light and batteries always have chatged if i need for flashlight :)

  6. The cranking lantern does charge your phone.But you have to use the crank system to charge so you will get tired.

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