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Solar/Crank Powered Flashlight by Secur Good For Your Emergency Kit? | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Solar/Crank Powered Flashlight by Secur Good For Your Emergency Kit?? Are you looking to see wind up flashlight? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Solar/Crank Powered Flashlight by Secur Good For Your Emergency Kit? | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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Solar/Crank Powered Flashlight by Secur Good For Your Emergency Kit?
Solar/Crank Powered Flashlight by Secur Good For Your Emergency Kit?

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Having light is very important in an emergency situation. But what do you do when your flashlight or lantern runs out of battery life? That is where a solar/crank powered, self sustaining light is critical.

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  1. I have the same identical light under the ThorFire name. Paid 16 dollars and some change for it on amazon. Good amount of light and a great amount of duration for just one minute of cranking time. Use mine not just for emergencys but as a regular flashlight around the the house. With the ridiculous price of name brand batteries these days – this light has already paid for itself at my house. Love it!

  2. Keep this with you in case you get trap in a island
    Battery will ran out someday
    Hand crank had basically unlimited battery

  3. Damn I expected more from 29.99 flashlight, solar panel is unnecessary, it could break and all that matters is the hand crank and the power output, I'd spend another $20 bucks if it was like 50 or at least 100 lumen, but even then I'd be willing to pay more, but I wouldn't trust such a low powered flashlight like this to see in the dark whether it's in the woods or just for a walk

  4. Sold. Make an electric plasma coil lighter that has a crank and solar charger and im (sold)^10

  5. Thanks for this. I love the concept of these…totally off grid use perfect for emergencies when you may not be able to replace batteries. A few years ago I was walking deep in a lava tube in Oregon, (about a mile in), I had 2 light sources and the batteries were draining. I thought they were full, they weren't. It was 100% pitch black and if the batteries had drained completely I would have been in trouble. It's not that that was a common situation to be in, but the point is if I'd had one of these flashlights it wouldn't have been an issue.

  6. does the crank mechinism eventualy wear out after so long?good thing to have a few of them for back up

  7. I thought the test was to drop the phone and turn on the flashlight to find the phone under the water :)

  8. I have a bright kidz light and it has a wide beam that lights the whole room and is a blue light

  9. We thought about getting this we enjoyed the bright colors we wanted cree led stronger battery, few patio furniture stores sell these 25 dollars

  10. What many don't know is they do have a lifetime. Had a different brand crank light in the survival kit for two years and it just did not charge anymore.

  11. I just pulled my Energizer Weather Ready Crank out of my bag after 3 1/2 years and without cranking it it gave me useable light!

  12. Absolutely great item. Getting about a hour of light after one minute of cranking and not to depend on batteries (hopefully never again) is amazing. Thanks for info.

  13. Brilliant review, like the product. Wished to ask if your Amazon Link can be enabled within the Website.
    I'll shop on the Website and would want to help your Channel.
    Thanks & regards

  14. I recently bought an expensive Lantern with pretty much the same concept. The thing missing is a regular charger. If you have power and want to charge it, why not utilize it. At least mine has a connector but it doesn't say at all what kind of charger so I too can either use solar or Crank. I think they should always include a micro USB Charging port. I'll gladly pay the ffew extra bucks. Great video btw.

  15. For the price, I don't really see a problem if you need multiple copies. However, I would never abandon my Eton Scorpion II.

    USB charger (a bit time-consuming, yes, but it works). AM/FM/Weather Band, crank/solar. Also, VERY durable and attached carabiner. Price break is an issue, though, as it's ~3x the price of the USD market of this Secur product.

    If you only need one, I would go with Eton.

  16. hey Gideon, Great review ! I really want to get my crank / solar EDC radio handled so would you consider a review of those soon?

  17. have you checked out Hybridlight? they don't have cranks but they have a lot of good options, my fave is a collapsible lantern/flashlight with micro/usb and solar charging, great light for camping ect. great review btw

  18. Thanks for the great review, I've been looking for something like this. The crank to run time sounds pretty good, thanks for adding that info. Again, thanks for the great review.

  19. Also loving the budget item area of equipment like this, a 'something really good of the cheap stuff' category

  20. These would make great 'top of the tent' or hammock tarp ridgeline type flashlight for late evening /night activities where you don't want to blast your eyes out with a super bright led. Will buy a few for car, camp, gogo bags, etc

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