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Speed-Wiring An Outlet | Most-Buyed Power Tools

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Speed-Wiring An Outlet | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Speed-Wiring An Outlet
Speed-Wiring An Outlet

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Originally recorded June 20, 2017.

From the upcoming Like Father, Like Son series. xjoe81x added a bunch of outlets to the room he was redoing, and here’s how fast he can do it. But only for himself, of course, since he doesn’t do this anymore. Wait, what? ..

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  1. Everyone saying "pigtail it" and I can't help but think they use their foot to jam the receptacle into the box.

  2. Fast? Maybe. In Scandinavia we use smaller ligther tools and better electrical-products. So power sockets could easily be done way faster

  3. Good work. All these keyboard warriors picking apart this have obviously not installed many receptacles. Yes there is a risk of getting into the insulated conductors using a blade. Yes you can strip the screws using a drill. Yes putting a green wirenut on the grounds “can” help. But when you have installed thousands of these you know the feel of each step and when it’s drone right. That’s why it’s called experience. This is not a how to video for apprentices or “code” demonstration. This is what we do in the field in real life and he is just showing how quickly it can be done.

  4. It takes me like 10 minutes to do that. And he's saying a drill is cheating? Well shit, that's how I got it down to 10 minutes lol

  5. Man have times changed in 3 years if i did it that way i would get chewed out. First thing, just score the sheathing until the last bit(i understand you were following the ground shit happens) 2nd just use strippers? 3rd no crimp sleeve, 4th the tape is unessicary. Finally why are the devices being installed at rough in 😂

  6. Not to brag but i could do it less than half the time easily. But to be fair thats an acceptable speed if you’re installin them all day👌

  7. Only thing about the drill is when your putting in the 6/32’s they like to strip easy… sounded like some hardcore stripping going on when you put that outlet in the box lol

  8. You can’t cut the ground that way. You need to pit a CAN-Twist connector on it . Plus you are slow . Should not take you that long.

  9. Ground wire nut should have been added insuring tight ground connection. Pig-tailing (wire nuts or wago- push in connectors) would protect other branch circuits downstream. Otherwise this was impressive – especially stripping wires with linemen pliers.

  10. There are many ways to do this. Been doing this trade 37 years. The thing I noticed were the comments crimp barrel for the ground , pig tail , I personally like wire nuts for ground because if you ever take it apart those barrels suck.
    But I know my code and I know what will work and I don't know if I saw one person say good job. Well i'm going to say good job because with what I saw even knowing code as I do that receptacle would do nothing but work.

  11. Always pigtail dont do what this guy did. Yes it works but if that device fails then any power jumping off of that device will also lose power. If you pigtail the power keeps going on. And that by itself is isolating the problem, now you’re looking at one plug versus looking at 4 of them to look for the problem. Comprende?

  12. There are better options than that box cutter. Amount of wire sticking out of the box was a little excessive.

  13. Stripping out conductors could break copper lines especially with 14 gauge wire, definitely not recommended

  14. If youre new, do not use a razer knife and slice down the romex. You will almost certainly cut the insulation around the conductor. At most, make a perpendicular shallow slice as far up as you can and pull the romex sheathing off.

    once you’ve handled it enough times, then you can use this technique. They also make a tool that i loved using before i starting using my knife

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