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Spray Guide painting tool | Newly updated handsets.

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Spray Guide painting tool
Spray Guide painting tool

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Spray Guide is an innovative painting tool that virtually eliminates the need for masking.
Available at Sherwin Williams.. If they don’t have it in stock, have them order it for you. ..

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airless paint sprayer tips tricks

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  1. I'm definitely interested.. ** IF ** it doesn't cause overspray on the adjacent wall.. anyone know if it does or doesn't?? obviously you need a steady hand to prevent bouncing around which is fine because I've got that part down pact 😉👍 the 1/8" it's leaving behind is perfectly fine and would be a breeze to go back and quickly cut in VS cutting in +3"

  2. looks like you put a lot a videos on backwards 0:38. look at the end of the run. you pieces of shit with your guide

  3. Hi, where I can order a metal disc for the spray guide, I buy one but it is plastic, I would also like to know which nozzle number is used, which is wide and the most recommended. Thank you!

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