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Starter amperage test | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject Starter amperage test? Are you looking to see how many amps does a cordless drill use? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Starter amperage test | The Best Power Tools.

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Starter amperage test
Starter amperage test

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how many amps does a cordless drill use


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  1. Hi, i thought if you dont kill the fuel, when you keep cranking, it will keep spraying fuel into the cylinder and when you actually need to start the car, the cylinder might be overflooded with too much fuel? Just a little confuse, thank you

  2. The reason I "dislike" this video it is because you are so wrong as follows:
    1. Only a BLDC motor can provide maximum torque at minimum rotation but in engine starters it is just a high aperage draw to start the rotation with mecanical load engaged
    2. No mater the motor being a inductive load, the resistance of coils demands the power because:
    a) Ohm's low has three variable factors: voltage, resistance and amperage
    b) Now, to this ecuation we need to add another few things which is constant engine load(compression) and necessary rotation to start injection and ignition
    c) If the resistance is the same but the voltage is low or high than the amps will surely be lower or higher depending the voltage and GUES WHAT…low voltage (on most motors) causes low amps and low rotation which causes the ecu not to fire the cylinders :)
    d)Resistance may be out of specs because of faulty connections(+, – and solenoid) or 2 out of 4 brushes have contact to the colector
    3. "Petrol" starters use less current because low mecanical resistance (low compression) via diesel – high mecanical resistance (~triple compresion)
    4. On petrol engine you need to disable the only the fuel pump.
    What you did there stoped the cylinders from fireing but fluded the spark plugs with fuel and require removal and cleaning
    5. On diesel engines you need to disable the injectors because they will fire the cylinders and the fuel pump if it exists(relay or fuse)
    6. For a starter current draw test you must put the amp probe only to the starter positive wire (the thicker one) because the negative include other serious loads as well (glow plugs~80A, fuel pump) and others
    7. Exceding nominal amp draw is rarely the case, mostly is lower because of all the reasons mentioned above…bad contacts and brushes usage.

    I might be half of your age but I'm not a ingineer and I don't speak english very well….this is my excuse…What's yours for theaching this to students?

  3. 175 total amps running thru both cords? Why not isolate each cord to see how many amps running thru each. One of those goes to the starter and the other probably for accessories

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