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Storytelling by an Electrician | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

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Storytelling by an Electrician | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Storytelling by an Electrician
Storytelling by an Electrician

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  1. Love your channel and your enthusiasm for the subject.
    My son is in a level one apprenticeship through his high school. Great program.
    He is only 17 and pretty handy thanks to his grandfather but has little, if any experience in real world.
    These stories are great for him and kids like him- any chance you could add to these great stories? Much appreciated!

  2. Many years ago I bought a craftsman belt sander from Sears that would shock me when I used it. Sears exchanged it without question. New one worked fine.

  3. Great story. In my area when half the house doesn’t work it’s usually a blown phase fuse before the panel. Simple fix and mind blowing to the client

  4. Good story, Bill. In the privacy of the bathroom, I put everything into the nightlight socket when i was a kid. The sparks and jolts fascinated me. Well, I lived, and been taming pesky electrons ever since.

  5. I got called on one where an older lady kept saying her receptacle was hot, it turned out to be a stained glass panel over her door was shining on that receptacle at a certain time of day. Lmao! ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡👍✌

  6. Great story, and a little comical as well! LOL This is definitely a learning experience, especially for us Apprentices; because even I often go straight to the receptacle, recess can, or Service Panel to troubleshoot an electrical issue instead of inspecting the Loads first. It saves an electrician time and money from unnecessary equipment purchases. Keep up the great content, sir!

  7. Great story. My house was built in 1956 and I hear you on the wiring. There is one circuit that they must have run all the way around the outside walls of the house. Every socket and light switch that's on an outside wall in every room of the house is on one breaker! The way I found that out was I had a contractor drill the walls and blow in cellulose insulation and apparently they hit that one wire just after it left the breaker box and like you say, half the house was out. Hire an electrician and he found and fixed the wire and all has been good for 30+ years.

    The other issue I found was that aside from the 240V circuits, aside from the lights in the garage, everything else was piled up on one 120V leg. I moved a few breakers around to try and better balance the 120V loads between the two sides of the panel.

    Of course, nothing in the panel was labelled at all. It has one 240V breaker that feeds nothing that I can find along with 2 – 240V breakers that feed the range, a 40A and a 30A, in parallel! I wish I had the money when I bought the place to gut the inside walls and rewire everything, but alas that didn't happen.

  8. something similar to this happened in my car. My girlfriend cleaned out the vehicle shortly before we left on a long road trip. As soon as we left, we realized that our phone chargers weren't working. Long story short, I investigated the 12 Volt socket and found that a penny had been knocked down in there and had created a short and popped the fuse. I removed the penny, replaced the fuse, and we were on our way!

  9. I've had service calls from homeowners for gfci outlets not working outside. The fix is as simple as resetting the plug itself. Some people just like throwing away money i suppose. Atleast she got a 350$ lesson on how to reset the plug when I was done.

  10. I feel bad you didn't even get paid for the service call. Experience and theoretical trouble shooting is what gets the job done.

  11. Absolutely LOVE stories from all the trades. It’s great to hear what ppl find, & how they fix a problem.
    Great job on that one, & yeah…..trying to convince GC, homeowners, etc…on things to solve their problems can be a challenge, & sometimes ya gotta really make them lis5en & trust you.
    Bet you he was a tad mad that no one else found the answer, but great job Sparky😁

  12. I hope homeowner dint say some thing like: o! thank’s! you got it! you can keep it; you got your payment for today!

  13. Hiya, I am new to your channel. I really loved your story telling, and would love to hear more crazy and interesting stories you have to tell. I will be sure to look out for quarters now in light sockets, as we have the same kind of lamps as the one you were showing.

    Thank you! .

  14. As soon as you mentioned you went into the little boy's room, I was pretty sure the story was going to end with him peeing where he wasn't supposed to! Glad it ended the way it did.

  15. I don't know anything about electric stuff so I'm happy I came across your channel, you make it really easy and entertaining!

  16. Nice one Bill👍 so two other “Electricians “ came and couldn’t figure out the problem?lol

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