Stucco/plastering/Lathing instructions, step by step how to install lath like a professional | Top-bought cleaning accessories

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Stucco/plastering/Lathing instructions, step by step how to install lath like a professional | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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Stucco/plastering/Lathing instructions, step by step how to install lath like a professional
Stucco/plastering/Lathing instructions, step by step how to install lath like a professional

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Information related to the topic Stucco/plastering/Lathing instructions, step by step how to install lath like a professional.

Hello, my friends so. So you want to do stucco Lathing; these instructions are your step by step, how to install lath, like a professional you will find online.

Lath is simply the first step in the stucco process.

You first hang the weep or drip screed, then apply or attach the building paper, add stucco netting then you on your way.
To be code compliant, we recommend you attached two layers of Grade D paper or two layers of 60-minute paper to protect the plywood substrate from rainwater damage.
2-Ply 162 sq. ft. 60 Minute Building Paper.
60 Minute, two-ply jumbo-tex building paper is a weather-resistant barrier designed to provide excellent secondary protection behind exterior cladding to prevent moisture penetration and condensation in exterior wall assemblies. Once the moister barrier membrane is tacked on.
Galvanized steel Stucco Netting (Common: 37.5-in x 1800-in … ›
Galvanized-steel-Stucco-Netting 17 or 18 gauge galvanized woven wire stucco netting used to reinforce paper for exterior Portland cement stucco walls.
You can use furring nails or more modern equipment as we have been doing for forty years, ‘Staples’ using an air-powered staple lath gun, remember, 7/8 of the leg has got to be embedded into the stud, which usually means with plywood sheathing your best bet is to buy inch and a quarter crown staples with a width or crown of one inch to keep up with current inspections or codes.
Don’t over staple the lath, only ever 6 inches on studs.
Howdy all in this video, I’m poking fun at my pal for doing his own lath and over-stapling with a few other common mistakes. At least he tried.
Were is shown here providing advice for these too often lathing mistakes. If you’re going to take on the task of lathing, spend at least a couple of hours before on our site and type in on our channel, ‘how to lath’ for Lathing tips before you attempt to lath your own work.

For stucco nettings, it’s been proven by the smartest engineers that for the absolute best results to use either a 17 or 18 gauge stucco netting.
   Chicken wire, for example, 20 gauge wire/stucco netting, is much thinner. It’s great for chicken coops to have a chicken coop that holds about 10 chickens.
This same 20 gauge wire/stucco netting can be used for setting tile grout for countertops.
   I have seen many types of metal netting used for stucco, including chain link fencing.
Stucco netting comes in rolls, where the metal lath your referring to comes in sheets; these sheets are primarily used for ceilings as the holes are tiny. Thus sticky and rich stucco will defy gravity and hang when mixed and applied correctly.

More Stucco AND Plastering LATHING Tips
learn to stucco lath fast, easiest, and newest.
exterior stucco/plastering lath, Stucco settings, or chicken wire.
Stucco staples vs. Furring Nails, furring nails for stucco lath.
Stucco cement plastering lathing, installing stucco to Dens Glass.
Lathing instructions, step by step how to install lath.
How to lath a stud wall, self-furred stucco paperback wire. 
stucco moisture barriers over Tyvek home wrap
Stucco wall to roof metal flashing, metal flashing saddles
Metal flashing countering Z flashings

You can buy all the tools we use and recommend on this Amazon link but anything else your heart also desires. Who doesn’t like getting stuff in the mail?
Plastering & Drywall Hawk
Plastering/Drywall trowel
Stucco/plaster Trowel
Green sponge plastering float

Jason took the liberty of researching the best tools at the lowest cost used by us.
This removes the guesswork for you out of buying plastering and other stucco tools.
Amazon quickly provides this luxury.

Plus, this helps support us a bit so we can keep making these teaching videos.

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Kirk and Jason Giordano plastering with hundreds of always free Stucco videos.
Together we have created the most comprehensive encyclopedia of Stucco and Plastering videos ever produced globally, all by your favorite plastering messengers of YouTube.
Thus, bringing peace, love back into plastering ..

See latest prices hope that this information brings you lots of value.

Thank you very much

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  1. You kick ass !!! I'm binge watching the heck out of your videos. It's been a month since I started lathing and I enjoy it

  2. You are the best !!! I’m learning from you . Currently I’m doing a shipping container but I wish I had a video from you on this .

  3. Hey been watching alot of your videos, thank you… alot of help! Quick question as I am a newbie. Why did you only put the paper under window sill paper and not under at the sides too? Thank you! Jamie

  4. I just opened up the corner on a house in Arizona (my own) and found chicken wire underneath some of the mesh stucco covering over paint (looks like that LaHabra fiber weave stuff about 1/8th of an inch thick. Looks like whoever did this stucco job before me did it the wrong way. I'm pulling out and replacing a lot of dry rotted particle board siding, replacing with 3/4" plywood, and then lathing and stuccoing over. Your videos have been excellent. I've used your techniques over the years and they are spot on. Some might argue and say you do a job that's "too thorough", but in my book there ain't such a thing! Good work and thanks for all the detailed videos on stucco.

  5. Ey Kirk honestly I don't care how you do your job I just tune to get to see your daughter again so would you please let me see her more often

  6. Hi me jordano, great video thank you to share with us, my cuestión is this, can you tell me the tool I’ll need to do something like this you just show on the video? Ones again thank you 👍🏽

  7. Good painters are detail guys. They don't leave many loose ends. I follow a lot of GC's that cut all kinds of corners.

  8. Yea the painter guy better stick to painting, and stay away from doing steps, that step is greater then 7.5 inches which is the MAX for a step. Tile will do that to ya guys. See ya on the next one.

  9. Out here in Kanas City I asked for 2 ply Grade D building paper and at three spots including Home Depot and Sutherlands, they looked at me like I was speaking Dutch! What they offered was roofing felt impregnated with asphalt.

    Is that the same or need I KEEP looking?

  10. Kirk, you are an excellent teacher !! I will build my 25th house, but I bought an existing foundation ready for stucco. I DO NOT LIKE STUCCO !!

  11. thanks for the video… I think soon california will be requiring a trap or tyvec product prior to stucco paper…. hopefully they'll accept tyvec stucco wrap and do away with paper alltogether..

  12. Good morning Mr. Diaz, to lath small simple homes one should have at least a year of time in. leaning flashing's and counter flashing's also takes additional time in. There are allot of do’s and don’ts when you get 5 days of sold rain with 100 mile an hour winds with a home is located up at Grizzly peaks or Skyline in Oakland, Or up Gill Martin in Tiburon, this sort of waterproofing requires minimum 10 years real time experience. Great question, Have a great day!

    Kirk Giordano Plastering

  13. On the average how long do you think it takes for a person to master lathing? I've been working in construction for the past few years in lathing and plastering (for the most part as an assistant) and I've seen some learn it in a month or two, while others take far longer. Thanks again for the video's, very informative and entertaining. =)

  14. Hey Joeliwest, We will try. As long as my son works with me we will. But Jason Giordano, my oldest son is a licensed stucco dude too. Most of my work is not filmed, as Jason is on his own jobs. It’s tough to figure out how to make the camera work let alone download the stuff. I’m just a stucco applicator that knows the ins and outs of stucco.
    Best wishes and have a groovy evening.
    Kirk Giordano Plastering

  15. Hey Joe, yes ever since I watched that Crocodile Dundee movie. It looks like my kind of place. And it seems to have cool and easy going people.
    Best wishes and have a groovy evening.
    Kirk Giordano Plastering

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