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Subaru OEM 5w30 Oil Oil | Best hand tools

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Subaru OEM 5w30 Oil Oil | List of best hand tools for you.

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Subaru OEM 5w30 Oil Oil
Subaru OEM 5w30 Oil Oil

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  1. if you know a bit about automotive industry, you understand that OEM means ALWAYS cheapest, but reasonable quality. by far it dont means the best.

  2. All gimmicks. Pennzoil, Mobile 1, etc. All quality oils. There are only but so many oil companies and manufacturers in the world which makes oil for everyone and they just put fancy Lables and mark up prices

  3. I've always wondered if there is a little scam for OEM approved oils. I ask because I've used VW approved oils that aren't really that good at all. For example. Mercedes Benz uses Mobile 1 as their OEM oil. Which, isn't as good as it used to be. And people are having oil consumption issues. Then they have switched over to something like Redline, AMSOIL, Motul, ect, and their cars would not just burn hardly anything. But, their cars would run so much better.

  4. I get that you prefer OEM. I do as well in most cases. I'm not kicking against the IduMitsu, I know it's good. But Subaru now installs a Fram-made oil filter on the Outbacks. It's that cheesy, blue one with the paper end caps on the filter, identical to the Fram Extra Guard but slightly taller. That is the recommended filter that they couple with their "Awesome" synthetic motor oil. I look at it like this, why have a top shelf motor oil coupled with a run-of-the-mill filter? If you want to make the statement that what you recommend is always the preferred advice, both components should be top shelf. Knowing that there are many other oil filters out there (including the black Japanese ones, and the old Purolators they used to use) that are much better than that Fram, it makes me think that maybe there are other motor oils out there that are likely just as good if not better than the Subaru recommended motor oil as well.

  5. I looked up the 2.5L engine oil on the Subaru parts website. It normally uses 0w20 for the 2017 Legacy 2.5L.

    It also listed 5w30 as an alternate oil. Is it OK to run 5w30 in the 2.5L when it shows 0w20 on the cap, but on the Subaru website 5w30 as an alternate part?

  6. So standard Subaru Impreza 1.5 Non turbo, can I just use castrol wd30 oil? Thanks

  7. just did my first oil change at 3500klm and put Liqi Moly Molgen… its
    the first time Ive went to 5000rpm and my oil temps went up to 105*.
    They usually sit at 95 (up to 97 on Hwy.) Im not thrilled that my temps
    went so high and looking at the dip stick I could barely see the oil.

    I could also smell a burning scent while reving to 5000rpm +

    Im under the impression my dealer uses Mobil 1 Subaru oil. If that's the case Im garbing that gold sheet you got

  8. I can see using subaru genuine fluid for the transmission, maybe even the diffs, but engine oil any major brand name will work well. You are right though Idemitsu Kosan does make state of the art products. They also make Honda's Dw1 atf

  9. So how do explain the shitty oil filters they use? Its says subaru on the side too…lol.

  10. Can you post some tests of this oil at high heat? What does it do in my turbo at 400 plus degrees? Im about to make the switch to amsoil sig. Would you reccommend amsoil over the oem? The reason i ask is because amsoil is specifically designed for turbo dit vehicles and the subaru 5w30 isnt. It goes in non turbo models also.

  11. Anyone know how it stands up to e85 usage? My protuner says it’s okay following the 2k oil change rule, but wanted to get input if anyone knew.

  12. I’m on my first feed of rotella t6.I’d run that Subaru 5w 30 before but I think it’s too thin n catalysts exhaust smoke

  13. A 5W-30 oil in general isn’t, what is protecting your engine best…. everybody with a bit of glimpse knows that ✅ Its a factory specified compromise on emissions / consumption. I find it very dangerous to give tuning people, which are your viewers, this impression and not to mention that for serious driving with stock engines or even light tuning you’d go for something different…. even Subaru’s service bulletin took the oil topic up, differentiating in views.

  14. So is this oil intended to perform at its optimum for “stock” engines only? Or is there any data or experience on for example any of the Cobb OTS maps specifically stage 2 +, since they seem to be the most popular cost effective mods for the ej motor? Or more specifically, what is the optimum level of engine modification for this oil, if any?

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