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Subwoofer Box Volume Explained – Gross vs. Net vs. Air | Newly updated handsets

Are you searching for the subject Subwoofer Box Volume Explained – Gross vs. Net vs. Air? Are you looking to see 10 vs 12 subwoofer? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Subwoofer Box Volume Explained – Gross vs. Net vs. Air | Best hand-held repair tools.

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Subwoofer Box Volume Explained - Gross vs. Net vs. Air
Subwoofer Box Volume Explained – Gross vs. Net vs. Air

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You want to build a subwoofer box but the specs list a “Gross Volume” a “Net Volume” and “Air Volume”. What the heck is the difference? Let’s discuss!

▼ Subwoofer Box Design Blueprints:

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10 vs 12 subwoofer

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  1. You got a lot of knowledge about subwoofer and clear explanations. thank you so very much, I'm looking forward to your next videos. 1 like and subscribe for you, you deserve it!

  2. Subwoofer displacement, fill a big bucket with water to the edge,
    Put the sub in a plastic bag
    Dip it in the bucket down to the mounting flange
    Then refill the bucket to the top and count the volume it takes

  3. Great video! Just liked and subscribed :). I never knew that the port volume was not considered part of the total airspace! I was about ready to shove 2 basketballs into my subwoofer box to take up the "extra" .5ft3 of airspace i thought I didn't need. My subwoofer is "clacking" when I send full volume high bass music to it at max volume. Not sure if that's distortion of bluetooth signal * head unit distortion * mechanical distortion, or simply that the sub is over-extending due to too much airspace. So I backed down the subwoofer amp gains until it no longer clacks at full volume. But now i miss the "slam".

  4. Has anyone ever got them to make a box design for yourself through their web site?… if so, how was it?

  5. How much of an effect and how does the overall shape of the internal box volume play on the subwoofers performance. For example with a box of a shaped as a spear be superior or inferior to an inlonggated (8d×60w×14w) cubicle design of the same internal volume?

  6. How big of a problem is port resonance? A lot of people make big ports with low air velocity but don't mention anything about port resonance which according to some calculations could be very audible and ruin SQ.

  7. I'm building a box for 2 x8 v3 sundown subs, powered by an sfb 1000d for each sub so 2 amps,what size box do u recommend?

  8. So if manufacturer says recomended sealed volyme net 19 litres , do I still need to add volyme that the sub is taking?

  9. 🤔 so how do you determine how much volume you need to size your box appropriately. I have a box for an 18 and love the sound but I want to change the design of it . I know I can just simply measure my box and stay the same size but just wondering if one was to buy a speaker and wanted to make sure you didnt make it to small or to big. Thanks.

  10. if i have 18 "speaker .. how to calculate box volume and port volume … according to the data available on the speaker … and i want to use it for outdoor..thanks

  11. I been wanting to get into building subs for people for there cars this vid helped me learn just subscribed

  12. I’m starting a wall build.. Volvo station wagon what do you suggest for picking speaker size box volume speaker count?

  13. Is it better to have 2 12” subs in a 3.8 cubic ft ported box or 1 12” in a 3 cubic ft box? Mainly low bad but also somewhat punchy .I was always taught that more come area is better but what do you think? Thanks love the videos!

  14. Someone know how to determine just the Fs of only a vehicle's cabin, without being affected by the box tuning or sub's Fs? I don't wanna know what the overall tuning is, but just the vehicle's cabin.

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