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TGO | Big Jim's 100 lb Ebony Take-Down Recurve Bow | Newly updated garden tools

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TGO | Big Jim's 100 lb Ebony Take-Down Recurve Bow | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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TGO | Big Jim's 100 lb Ebony Take-Down Recurve Bow
TGO | Big Jim's 100 lb Ebony Take-Down Recurve Bow

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Taking the week off from Illinois Archery Season 2017 due to the start of shotgun season. Fortunately for all of you I’ve got a case full of awesomeness to share on this #SMCA edition of Tex Grebner Outdoors!

One year ago, due to my delusions of grandeur and desire to hunt big game with a traditional bow, I commissioned Big Jim’s Bow Company to make me a 100 lb Ebony Take-Down Recurve Bow.

People have asked me, “why do you shoot heavy recurves? Can you even hit anything with it?” Seeing as how I just got the bow and have only started practicing from 10 yards while aiming at a target the size of an Asiatic Water Buffalos vitals, I’ll let you all be the judge.

This 100 lb Ebony Take-Down Bow is another example of me placing value over money; it’s ornate in its simplicity, it fits in that armored travel case of mine, it shoots exactly where I point it, and it gave me my nerd moment of owning a dragon slaying 100 lb Ebony Bow IRL versus the NIRL one that I used in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game.

You want one of these badass bows? Check out Big Jim’s Bow Company here:

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  1. Nice bow. As for "safari hunting", BAN IT! Especially trophy hunting or shooting for sport. I'd like to take this group of Emmy award winning morons, and stick an elephant gun where the sun don't shine and make them taste the shit that comes outta their mouth!
    Nice bow though.

  2. Tex! Love your show.. I live in Italy and am selling recurve crossbow and other stuff. Want to place an order on the Monarch 100lb as you did. Do you recomend this bow as a lifelong partner? I live in the woods and hunt local stuff especially wild bore. I would like to buy this bow and no it will last for 20 years under normal use.. What other heavy bow do you reccomned at the $1400 range? Did you ever check arrow speed on your 100lb Monarch?

  3. LOL, I just play in the back yard. I started at 45 and went to 60. I have a Monarch, 62" that measures at 60" when stringed. The riser is 19". I want 80# limbs but they dont go over 60 as far as I know. I don't wish to pay a gobledegook for a custom bow like that beauty you have there. I am considering getting 66" 55# limbs and 62" 30# limbs and clamping them together on my riser with the shorted ones cut just under the stringing ends. I would clamp the shorter ones just inside the larger ones towards the inside and have the top the where it could slightly slide up and down with the curve draw.
    Its a thought anyway. I have a draw scale so I can test it.
    Nice job on drawing and shooting that bow. I was told on You Tube by mostly people that shoot 25 to 30 pounds that 60 is real heavy and that I shouldn't want to go heavier. I shoot the 60# 200 shots a day. I stared with 45# as I mentioned at 48 shots a day about 3 months ago and worked up to 60 x 200. I think I can go 80, and if nothing else I could go 80 for a couple of dozen sets then drop down.
    Anyway, Happy Shooting/Hunting.

  4. Thank you for the great vid – I'm a new subscriber
    As a bowhunter, I've always searched for a packable trad bow… may you please write me the brand and model of that one? Thank you so much, keep up the great work 👊

  5. Ever try and work ebony before ?
    I know nothing about bows,but lumber,I know all about.
    The guy who made that beautiful thing used profanity to the very highest degree throughout the entire process…
    You’d cull through over a thousand bucks of wood just to find suitable pieces.
    That’s a truly amazing piece of craftsmanship,It is probably Musium worthy.

  6. I've been watching this dude for awhile, and you can't help but love him. Doesn't take himself too seriously, and makes great videos. As a fellow nerd, I love skyrim also 🤣. I tried to make a #100 bow out of Osage, but the stave was too thin. Didn't realize until I had already gotten deep into it.

  7. First I've seen of this guy. Love the man!! Can't wait to see the outcome of his adventures.

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