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The $1000 Dollar 1000 Yard Rifle – Part 2 | Newly updated garden tools

Are you searching for the subject The $1000 Dollar 1000 Yard Rifle – Part 2? Are you looking to see 1000 yard rifle? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

The $1000 Dollar 1000 Yard Rifle – Part 2 | Latest information about hand tools for you.

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The $1000 Dollar 1000 Yard Rifle - Part 2
The $1000 Dollar 1000 Yard Rifle – Part 2

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In part one of this series I talked about the Savage Model 10 rifle and the Lucid L5 6-24x50mm scope. I’m trying to find a solid performing rifle for $1,000 that is a reliable 1000 yard shooter. I take a look at two more scopes in this episode, the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD and the Primary Arms FFP.

Part 1 of the series:


Please watch: “BCM Mk12 with AEM5 Silencer and some cool winter rigging!”

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  1. Common problem with low cost Bushnell scopes. I had one retical drift like that right out of the box, and several did it after shooting with large caliber rifles.

  2. I went through part 1 and not sure if I'm going to watch anymore. He never tell what caliber this rifle is.. I've noticed this on a lot of Youtube videos, must be a secret… watched about 3/4 the way through and I'm done with this guy. Never tell the caliber and now basically give no information on the Primary Arms scope. done more. Now I'm looking for a 1000 year rifle with a Youtuber that tells what he uses without question.

  3. Try vortex. I believe 250$ for the diamondback tactical. I believe around $400 for the 4-16×44 ffp diamondback tactical

  4. Federal shell's suck! They cost me a good gun. I sent the shells back n they even said they didn't put enough gun powder in the casing so reload your own shells n stay away from federal

  5. Not sure you are still monitoring this video. If you do pop in once in a while, you might now look at the newer reticle PA offers, the RGrid b2, if you have not already. Enjoy.

  6. 1 that gun will do 1k yards

    2 the new savages to me ant as good as the old savage without the accutrigger I get more adjustability out of there old trigger set up

  7. You got ripped off, they shorted you on your rifle barrel. If you want a 1000yard gun at least go with a 24". Always thought shorty's look Goofy, in my opinion.

  8. I know you’re in Indiana, what range are you at? I can’t find a range that has a range past 700 yards. Looking to stretch my Bergara HMR pro out to 1000 yards.

  9. Interesting. I have this with a 24" barrel and understand there is another version with 20". Why did you use an 18"?

  10. Is the Savage Model 10 rifle better than the Remington 700 in the same Caliber? Great info for long distance shooters. Thumbs Up!

  11. Yo so he was running mil formulas on an moa scope and couldn't figure out why he was shooting bad groups lol… experts teaching experts

  12. Like the bushnell you have to be right behind and centered with Swfa in order to get a full field of view

  13. Hey MAC you should do another one of these videos but updated. Everything your using in this video is very old. An updated video would be awesome especially with stuff like the primary arms ACSS line of scopes and things like the ruger American predator line of rifles or savage 12v cabelas exclusive. Things like that. I know you don’t get paid for these videos anymore but I think it would get allot of views thanks.

  14. you mentioned a Mil-Dot ballistics app, its only for iphones, you have a recommendation for android users?

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