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The 3 Best Tuners for Harley Davidson | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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The 3 Best Tuners for Harley Davidson
The 3 Best Tuners for Harley Davidson

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This week I tell you why I like the tuners from Harley Davidson, Vance and Hines, and Dynojet.

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  1. Awesome video! Question, if just changing the full exhaust such as putting on a thunder header and NOT changing the intake, is it essential to upgrade your tuner?

  2. My Power Vision has been riding on the handlebar since 2011, been in the rain a zillion times, never an issue.

  3. I own an 04 flhrsi. I'd like to know your opinion on the tuners that are compatable for the older bikes

  4. Just got the power vision tuner on my 14 flhtcu and love it so far with the Arlen ness method air cleaner and the Vance and Hines exhaust I’ve just installed it seems to have woken her up a little. I’m going to play with the tuner a little for some help with decel pop and throttle lag, should be fun. I bought it from fuel Moto with a tune already installed and it seems very easy to use so far. Great recommendation sir , thanks man🤘🏻

  5. Will the fp3 void my warranty on my street rod? Just put a Vance & Hines slip on exhaust on my bike. Do you think I should retune my bike? Thx

  6. Does anyone know if the FP3 canned maps or the auto tune feature alter the timing or advance curve at all – just curious

  7. Hey John, Does the base map for the SE tuner come with tuner at the 299.99 price or is this an extra cost? The reason I'm asking is my dealer is is going to charge me for the SE tuner plus installing the map plus they are charging me also for the map itself. I argue that the map is no extra cost when I purchase the SE tuner. They say not. Who's right here. Can't seem to get a straight answer on the net. Hope you reply. Great videos and good luck on your new endeavor. Thx

  8. Can use the screaming eagle tuner while using Vance and Hines short shots with a screaming eagle air filter?

  9. HEY JOHN !, If you cut the baffle in half, do you have to re-adjust the carb ?. Cut in half for better sound on a 2003 HD XL 1200C. Will it run too rich. It has Screaming Eagle pipes and the carb jet set up.

  10. Dude… You're misinforming. The FP3 gets married to the bike(vin#) and can't tune other bikes with the same one. …So I don't know what you're talking about you have to wait for bikes to come in the shop, so you can tune them with the FP3 that you bought. C'mon, maan…

  11. John, I have a 2018 Sportster 48 and I want to add Vance & Hines slip-ons and would like to use a Screaming Eagle tuner since I could take my bike to the dealer and have everything installed there and make it easier for me. How do you think the Screaming Eagle tuner would work with Vance & Hines slip-ons? Great video!

  12. Soooo….if you were me, 2014 Heritage, stage 1, would you use the the screamin' eagle, or the VH tuner???

  13. You can use the Harley Wide Bands on the PowerVision. I that configuration now and makes a big difference using the power vision over the Harley tuner.

  14. I heard Haley dealers won’t tune anything that isn’t EPA “ok” is that true, or is it just some of them? I’m screaming eagle stage one on a 2018 fat bob 114

  15. Thanks, John. Great info as always. You're the best HD tech dude on Youtube in my book. Just now you probably saved me the expense of a tuner, since the '18 FLHTKL is under extended warranty. Don't think I'll piss away $ on a tuner just now since I don't ride hard anyway. No sense in flagging the warranty first time I take it in for service. Thanks again for the good sense advice –

  16. I ended up getting a Vance & Hines, I'm doing the autotune. After done with the autotune should I remove the FP3 tuner or leave it on the bike?

  17. My 2010 Heritage has the orange SE tuner. Any comments on that one? I know the Fed Gov made it illegal and cost HD all of the profits they made from the sale of the tuner.

  18. i have straight pipes on an iron 883 14 model .
    if i add a bigger breather will these fuel pack actually be able to tune with the straight rough crafts geurilla styles any help info would be appreciated

  19. I have a 2013 street glide. So it’s the 103 twin cam. I have Vance and Hines Power Duals headers and high output slip-ons as well as a Kuryakyn Mach 2 air cleaner. When I purchased the bike they recommended the Harley screaming eagle tuner so I went with that. I believe it was before all the EPA troubles that came a year or two later. I’m about to change the air cleaner to a Arlen Ness Velocity 65 Air. My question is, will the tuner I got back in ‘13 be sufficient to tune the new air cleaner or should I upgrade to a better unit. And is my screaming eagle unit better than the new ones or are the dealers still required to go by the EPA requirements put in after I got my tuner?

  20. My FXR and I will be over here “all byyyy our selllllyyyiiefsss “… jk after market pipe with 02 bungs and a solid afr reader – boom tuned and shredding
    ps the outro song shreds

  21. John, so do I’ve to tune my street glide 2018? With a new Arlen Ness Big Sucker air cleaner?

  22. I have a 2020 FLHC and all I’m looking to do is move more air and cool the engine down. I’m more than happy with the output of the 107. Is it worth doing any of this?

  23. I left the Power vision on my bike and now it has a sun dried screen. There is no replacement screen so I'm SOL 😖

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