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The A to Z of Blade Steels – New Edge Retention Roundup | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject The A to Z of Blade Steels – New Edge Retention Roundup? Are you looking to see knife steels? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

The A to Z of Blade Steels – New Edge Retention Roundup | List of best hand tools for you.

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The A to Z of Blade Steels - New Edge Retention Roundup
The A to Z of Blade Steels – New Edge Retention Roundup

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  1. You must make the expensive cpm guys mad lol. Because there are alot of hype and us, the knife community, go with the dealer says. The super steel is the one you sharpen and care for.

  2. Junk steel for me!! (Kiddin, great vid and very informative, keep up the good work my man)👍

  3. Did I miss 01 tool steel ?
    I'm looking at the GNS by lt wright BUT I also really like the Benchmade bushcrafter and it rubs people wrong so I might buy one just to be a rebel among the "bushcraft nazis " on YouTube.

    I've heard
    "Its hard to sharpen in the field " #1 complaint
    "Its a funny shaped handle " #2
    "Benchmade is anti guns" #3
    "The sheath sucks" #4

    Me …I like the shape, can sharpen fine, dig the sheath and the gun thing is silly.

    I get why people don't like it but I don't care really….BUT an Lt Wright would be nice to own too… UGH.

  4. Where was PSF-27 or was that just under D2 since it’s basically spray formed D2 from my understanding?

  5. Thank you for your time and energy in doing these tests, not to mention in making and editing the video. Lots of great info.

  6. Would you do a test on Nieto AN58? This is not very well explored steel, and I wonder how it holds against other similar steels, which I'd assume to be of 440C level.

  7. Everyone loves kme, I don't know what in doing wrong, its like a I go threw the stones the angle shallows and doesn't stay touching the edge, it pisses me off and I stopped using it after only trying on 3 knives, I've used cheaper systems and get much better results, in want to like it, I just can't when it don't workout for me

  8. So has ATS34 completely fallen out of favor? My Gerber "Michael L. Walker Design" seems like a pretty good knife. ATS34 was pretty popular about 15-20 years ago.

  9. I love how he put the spec banners for each steel type right in front of his eyes. The few times he left the banners up for far too long left me in stitches!

  10. Can you try 52100 fixed knife for edge retention?That would be nice to know how does it perform

  11. This is excellent! Is there a way to test resistance to chipping? I'm hesitant to err towards very hard blades/edge retention (or even intentionally sharpening steeper), as I seem to be more likely to break them than run out of edge, either from sharpening too steep or batoning.

  12. Can you tell me please on a microtech otf elmax m390 or 204p I was told they are all basically the same compositions with basically same properties.

  13. 2 years later i still sometimes come back to this one just for the hell of it lol. Haha i absolutely love it. And its funny cuz i cant help but laugh at the 32 morons who gave this a thumbs down.

  14. The butter knife was probably not heat treated dude… try one thats got a tempered edge or hardened.

  15. As far as your shoulder goes, look man, you need to develop an automated cutting rig. Like, that would be amaze-balls.

  16. So, I have a bunch of budget knives in 8cr13mov and I will say, it's so damn easy to sharpen them with a worksharp Feild sharpener. It's very satisfying to hand run a Kershaw through the process a few times and come out shaving hairs like nothing. I know it doesn't hold long, but for my use (mostly box cutting and such) it's a lot of fun to get an 8cr back up to razor sharp with minimal effort. I will say, however, my mini grip is s30vn hasn't needed to be sharpened yet, and I've used it through several trucks of product at work already.

  17. This is good. I appreciate what you're doing.
    I get tired of reviews that lack anything close to objective data concerning the actual performance of the knives.
    Further, your testing has answered a question I've been wondering about for a long time.
    Thermal treatment of cutlery steel is a big variable and undoubtedly an expensive process.
    Your testing suggests that the blades on all but the very worst knives undergo at least basic thermal treatment.
    How well it is done can vary, but at least an effort is being put forth in all but the worst cases.
    Let's say the steel comes normalized and the manufacturer uses stamping and/or material removal to make their blades.
    There is no forging or thermal treatment. That would save a lot of money on equipment, supplies and time.
    The manufacturer can claim whatever they want with regard to the steel used and the process it underwent.
    End users who do nothing more than slice paper and shave hair off of their arms won't know the difference.
    I suspect that's what counterfeiters count on.

  18. I had no idea @ the Busse fanboy syndrome … I will be trolling that group all day now, thank you!

  19. HOW DID YOU MISS CPM 3V and CPM 4V? Also Z wear PM steel and Z tuff as well. Those are beat the pants off of M390 !

  20. I've only used a few steels (S30v, 154CM, VG10, 420HC, 1095cv, Cru-Wear, VGMAX, M4) and the champs are Cru-Wear and M4! Very keen to get a Rex45.

  21. Your AUS8 test isn't complete without using a SOG. SOG almost used to work exclusively with AUS8. It's like testing 420HC without using Buck Knives.

  22. I like the worksmart sharpener . What do you think of it ? Do you have a list for this . Sorry I'm old I like list .

  23. Heya Pete- I'm watching this from the future (a bit), and have a strangely specific question for you: I know that you've sold off a lot of your blades , but did you end up holding on to your Gary Creely 'Mako'? Also, would you still recommend it and which steel ended up being your favourite (I remember that you had 2 of them). Thanks for the help, and keep up the sterling vids✌️

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